10 eco-friendly activities to lose weight

What is good for the environment is good for your body. We often want to lose weight but do not seize the many opportunities we have to reduce weight and improve our health. The following activities are things we can do on a daily basis and gradually help us to change our habits for the good of the planet and our body too.

It is too easy to spend all day sitting. Look for opportunities to walk each you can. Are there any shops or supermarket near your house? Instead of going shopping cart, choose to walk. For every thing you have to do, ask yourself if there is way to walk. Walk as much as possible is an excellent strategy to lose weight and reduce your contribution to global warming.

Excessive consumption of animals, especially meat, contributes to obesity, cancer and many more health problems products. If you want to lose weight and improve your overall health, reduce the amount of meat you eat. So you reduce your risk of cancer, you facilitate weight loss and avoid all the environmental damage caused by meat production,. More »

Gardening has many benefits for those who want to lose weight. It reduces stress contributes to unhealthy habits, provides inspiration (and fresh ingredients) to eat healthier, and requires some exercise. If you have a patio that you can turn in the garden, you can use pots or planting a community garden;. More »

Instead of using the lift, take the stairs. Consider it as an opportunity to exercise without paying membership in a gym. Get down free weight! And the more steps, more perfect buttocks.

Marine pollution is a huge problem. You can be part of the solution with just one day a week or one day a month. Join community efforts to clean up the beach. You’ll meet nice people while walking and literally saved the lives of marine organisms. If you do not live near the sea, you can contribute a cleaning any public space, as most of the waste reaches the sea comes from land by rivers and the wind. More »

For places that are a bit far to walk, bike is a nice and convenient option. The more you avoid the car as your main transportation, burn more calories and less produces emissions;. More »

Volunteer work is an excellent way to spend some holidays or weekends. You learn a lot, muscles exert neither knew you had, and even can travel without spending almost anything. And of course, your effort is going for good, are ayudano to solve a major problem;. More »

What would you do if you were not sitting in front of TV? It is too easy to spend hours and hours without moving when you are watching TV (or computer). Try to separate yourself from your electrical devices one or two days a week, or designate a schedule to be free of them. Reactivate your creativity and your body with the simple act of pressing the off button;. More »

Processed foods contain hidden ingredients fattening. When you eat processed foods, you do not realize the large amounts of fats, sugars and starches you’re eating. By changing processed foods for fresh foods, you eliminate much of the harmful ingedientes in your diet. Use fresh food is much better for the environment as well as the use of all energy required to process and preserve them is avoided. More »

Trees are the lungs of the planet. When planting a tree, you work your own lungs as you make sure you have clean air to breathe in the future. The shovel you use is your best weapon against pollution of the body and the environment as well;. More »