10 tips to stay calm in stressful situations

Since the agents of Wall Street, fire or surgeons, the ability to stay calm in a difficult situation can mean the difference between success and failure and sometimes even life and death.

While research has shown that the brain works best when it is in a (not too stressed, but not too quiet) moderate state of excitement, most people describe their work as stressful life. So how successful people keep their cool under pressure?

Instead of counting your challenges, and let them defeat you, look at obstacles as opportunities to learn. A negative outlook is the best way to cause a snowball effect to feel overwhelmed. Any problem is an opportunity for you to shine. Have confidence in your ability and others also have. Instead of thinking “why me?” Start thinking “Come on over;! More»

Energy peaks and crashes are the last thing you need when you have many things going around. Not everyday life and a roller coaster? Moreover, caffeine stimulates the same areas of your brain that make you feel overwhelmed. Opt for water instead.

One of the most effective ways to handle difficult and stressful situations is laugh. You should always take into account the fear and use it, do not let it paralyze you. Learn to manage your fear through humor. Laughter releases hormones that relax you and put you back in control;. More »

Try to dramatize the cause of your stress. As always, the identification of the problem is the first step to solve the problem. Being able to identify the enemy lets you find out what your weaknesses and strengths that can be useful in a given situation are. As with a child afraid of the dark, things are never as bad when you understand.

Takes away from the situation and relax. This will help to reorient and get a fresh view. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie, or, even better, meditate. It is very important to do something that takes your mind off the situation that stresses you. You find that you are much more effective to solve the problem once you taking the time to recharge energy. More »

After take some time to decompress, you probably have a different perspective on a difficult situation. Try to adopt new ways of thinking while watching the problems from many angles. You can tell you’ve been attacking a challenge in the wrong way and get to a better approach more focused.

When fully understand what you’re facing, you can begin to develop a plan step by step, toward your goal. One of the methods used by highly successful people is to return to base. From this point, it becomes much easier to determine when each step must be completed to stay the course. Nothing relieves stress and have a clear plan of attack.

You may have deadlines to meet and people to impress, but that does not mean you should sacrifice sleep to get there. Sleep loss not only damages your health but also reduces your effectiveness. A tired mind, unable to think clearly, only makes it more difficult to stay calm. Learn and adapt better when we are rested;. More »

Be afraid to ask for help is one of the best ways to feel overwhelmed. Take advantage of a great asset: people you have in your network of contacts who have skills and knowledge that you are not. Is more likely than not, people are willing to help in any way possible. Know you have a strong network behind you, you can actually reduce stress.

Before starting a project, highly successful people train their brain to stay calm when you turn on. This comes naturally with experience, but it is also something that you can consciously develop. Develop your mind to stress can be fun. Find games that encourage mental flexibility and use a time limit. The app store on your phone has a lot of puzzles and games that can help sharpen your brainpower;. More »