18 ideas to start your own business

Check out this list of ideas and follow the steps you need to follow to create your own business.

In this project the creation of a toy whose business is the retail sale of toys and games described.

This project is to mount a pharmacy. A business engaged in activities aimed at the production, storage and dispensing of medicines, as well as collaborative analytical processes, pharmaco-therapeutic and public health surveillance.

In this project the creation of an establishment dedicated to retail-related health care and hygiene products as well as diet and nutrition, they do not need a prescription for sale described.

The activity that takes place in this type of business is selling a wide variety of weapons.

This project involves the creation of a retail dedicated to the marketing of perfumery, drugstore and cosmetics.

The activity carried out by this business is the marketing of books of all kinds (school, novels, technical, etc.) also can be incorporated into the offer other products such as magazines and collectibles.

Retail trade of office equipment and stationery to meet the demand of the school population, offices, etc.

In this project the creation of a specialized in the sale of a variety of liquors described.

The activity in which this business is the retail of all kinds of sewing items, needlework and haberdashery.

The activity that takes place in this type of business is a facility where all kinds of birds are sold. It is selling a series of articles (cages, food, food bowls, toys, etc.) and food also included.