3 Ways To Get Free Gasoline

Spend less on daily expenses is a very effective way to save money. Expenses such as food, electricity and heating are necessary for your family, but you do not have to spend more than necessary.

Gasoline is also necessary for the vast majority of families, and it seems that the price goes up every day. It is better to walk, bike or use public when possible transporto but when you need to drive, there are ways to use less gasoline and pay less. Use these 7 tips to spend less.


The tire maintenance is very important to prevent accidents, and also can help you save gas. Tires with incorrect pressure increase gasoline use, and also has high risk of failure.

The alignment of the tires is also important to use less gasoline. According TheDailyGreen.com not well aligned tires can increase to 10% the cost of gasoline.

Air filter and tuning

The air filter and tuning your car affect its operation. If your car does not work efficiently, it will spend more gasoline. According TheDailyGreen.com, a well-tuned car can use up to 4% less gasoline, and clean air filter can cost up to 10% less to fill the tank.


We did not note the number of things that can hold the car, but it can be heavy. More weight causes more work for your car, and it does need more gasoline. In addition, objects not connected to the car can be dangerous during an accident. Remove the not needed to save fuel weight.

Driving style

We all have a driving style, but you know that your style can cost you more money? If you start and quick brake, your car will use much more gasoline. And not a small difference – this style of driving can cost up to 33% more than if arrancarías and frenarías gently, especially when driving in town.

Speed ​​is also important. On the highway, every 5 miles per hour that you slow down your use of gasoline by 7% (every 5 kilometers, 4.3%). You do not have to drive as granny, but slower is cheaper.

Combined activities and shared use car

As in many parts of life, organization and preparation can help you save money. Think about where you need to go for next week, and plans to do more than one thing at a time. For example, you go to the supermarket after going to the football match of your daughter, instead of doing 2 laps.

You can save even more if you travel by car sharing, what is called “car pool.” For example, you and the mothers of the friends of your daughter can turnarlas to bring girls to football training sessions. So you have to be “taxi” once a month instead of every week … something that will also save time.

Check the tank lid

Up to 17% of the cars have a fuel tank cap does not work well, and this can cause excessive loss of gasoline evaporation. To prevent excessive evaporation, it is also better to park your car in a shady spot and fill the tank when not too hot. When you minimize excessive evaporation of gasoline, saved the planet while saving money.

Look for the best price

Although not worth a long drive – and spend more gas – to find a low price, there are things you can do to pay less when you fill the tank.

For example, many local news pages have information on prices of nearby service stations.

Some supermarkets have offers gasoline discount cards. For example, if you spend $ 100 at Kroger in the US using your discount card, you pay 10 cents less per gallon of gasoline. Ask your supermarket.

You can also use a credit card or debit card that gives reward. For example, PayPal debit card costs nothing, and gives a reward of 1% every time you use it. But, if you use a credit card, you ensure that all pay every month … do not want to pay interest on your gasoline.

Use these tips to spend less on gasoline, and have more money to get into your savings account or to pay the funniest things.