5 dairy products you can do easily at home

Yogurt is among the healthiest dairy products. It is a probiotic food that provides much bioavailable calcium strengthens bones and supports the digestive system. Yogurt can be eaten with fruit, honey and granola for breakfast, with jam for dessert or just as a healthy snack. The homemade yogurt does not require special equipment and rare ingredients. Most of the work is done by dairy cultures while you sleep comfortably in your bed. Learn how to make yogurt at home.

There is nothing tastier than a freshly baked bread with homemade butter. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good butter at the supermarket. In Mexico and other Latin countries, it is common selling pure margarine or butter containing conservative and not very fresh. Butter is too easy to prepare to not take advantage of its excellent flavor. The simple butter does not take more than 5 minutes to prepare, it’s that easy!

Among the variety of cheeses that can be made, the cheese is the easiest. While reposados ​​cheeses require specific crops for each type of cheese more special conditions of rest, the cheese can be made from one day to another (or even on the same day) and the curd is obtained with vinegar or lemon juice. Because of the simplicity of its preparation, fresh cheese is the traditional cheese field, developed independently in many peoples of the world. Follow these simple steps to make your own fresh cheese.

Kefir is a superfood originally from the mountainous regions of Russia. It is a probiotic food a bit like yogurt that is made from Bulgarian milk (some people use the term “tibicos milk”). Bulgarians seem small balls that are actually symbiotic colonies of certain bacteria (lactic cultures) or microscopic fungi and yeasts. Like yogurt, kefir is very nutritious and supports the digestive system. Possibly one of the easiest to prepare dairy products, since not even need to heat the milk: Bulgarians do everything for you. In addition, milk Bulgarians continue to multiply, giving ample opportunities to share with your friends. You can give the Bulgarians milk at any time, but make a gift Christmas sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Buttermilk and buttermilk are byproducts of the cheese and butter, respectively. Whey is the liquid left when milk is curdled to make cheese and butter. The whey is highly nutritious, so do not throw it away! Learn what it is in this short article.