5 Tricks to set fire quickly

No trick can help you if you have your wood or coal accommodated. So before you start with the tricks, make sure you meet all the requirements to make a good fire.

Ocote generally refers to a type of pine native to Mexico, also known as the Mexican pine, red pine and weeping pine. Its scientific name is Pinus patula. In this context, the ocote is a piece of wood from the pine resin-soaked course.

The tree produces lots of resin to be cut and this resinous wood is used to start the fire. Thick soaked wood splinters comprise resin and are easily pinned enough time for firewood on. This is because the resin and then burning the first timber, thus prolonging the life of fire. It works similar to a candle where the wax (or wax) feeds the flame way, delaying burning wick.

If you do not have pitch pine tree in your region, you can use a sliver of another tree, as long as it is a species that produces resin (eg most pines, eucalyptus, etc.).

How to set fire to ocote

The ocote can be recycled

If the fire turns well before the chip is consumed completely, you can remove it and use it on another occasion. To turn good again, just a few drops of melted wax or paraffin (a candle) on the (black) burned part of ocote. The wax / parrafina takes the place of the resin already consumed.

It’s very frustrating when you have a fire that will not stay on. Need air, but you have the face all purple by estarle blowing and arms tired to be waving the piece of cardboard or whatever you have on hand … Do not worry, this trick can ventilate the fire without getting tired in most minimum.

Instead of loading a large container of fuel to light your fire, use a couple of packets of sugar. The packets of sugar that give at any coffee are an effective and convenient fuel, since they are easily and do not cover almost any space.

Involves two or three sugar packets on a piece of paper or newspaper. Place this small sack in the middle of coal and light the top of the paper. The fire will go down until the sugar. Sugar burns very hot and ignite the coal.

To roast with charcoal, you can also use the trick of the bottle. This trick, courtesy our expert roasts, uses a recycled bottle and newspaper placed between the wood. Read the step-by-step instructions;. More ยป