6 reasons to celebrate your period

We women, we formed half of human society, yet the same society has managed to convince us that we are defective. It has no entry to temples and sweat lodges. Has convinced us that we are dirty, we should hide for a fifth of our lives. And maybe we prefer to hide because for many it is an uncomfortable time when we want to stay in bed instead of going out to face the world. But despite the discomfort it causes menstruation, menstrual period can be a source of inspiration and gratitude.

Poor men who can only change of purpose every year … Thanks to the wisdom of nature, we have the opportunity to start again every month! While your uterus is cleaned of old cells last cycle, take the opportunity to get rid of your vices and set new goals for the next month.

In Ayurvedic medicine, it says that women live longer than men because the female body naturally detoxifies every month. You can contribute to this process by taking a hot lemon water every morning or a hot chocolate (with little sugar, as sweeteners may worsen menstrual cramps).

Bleeding of each month requires us to be aware (to feel and to know when it will start). It makes us stronger and more resilient, teaching us how to endure and to ignore the pain and discomfort, things that are so common and unavoidable in life, but we do not recognize, is the source of our strength as women. It forces us to pay attention to ourselves, which would be a luxury for some women under other conditions. And your period asks you to be healthier, rewarding you with greater regularity and less discomfort if you ignore.

Other than noting that you are not pregnant, the beginning of the rule indicates that you are relatively healthy. Low or rises too much weight and let you visit your menstrual flow. Do you have an irregular or very painful period? You may indicate a problem that deserves medical attention. The duration of your rule, regularity, causing discomfort and even the color and texture of blood are signs you can learn to interpret to improve your overall health. A small change in your lifestyle can make a big difference in how you feel and your rule is the messenger that lets you know, just get into the habit of listening.

In this modern world that never stops moving, the female body is a tireless activist for our right to rest. We belong to a society that appreciates little silence, darkness and stillness. It pushes us to be active and productive all the time, but our biology has other plans. Raise your voice and defend your body, beauty sleep and the importance of rest. Have a glass of red wine, eat chocolate (preferably dark chocolate, because the sugar can aggravate the discomfort of the rule) and rest during the worst day of your rule. Remember you are not alone … accompanies you half of humanity!

Despite all our differences, menstruation is an experience that (almost) all women have in common. Moreover, the fact that the issue of the rule is virtually taboo makes us part of a secret society, something we can take advantage in many situations if we play our cards right.

Your body automatically responds to the gravity of the moon and gives you a unique connection to the complete nature. We have the power to create life and Mother Earth speaks to us directly without translation. It really is wonderful, right?