6 simple ideas to attract customers

Personal cards are the best way to promote yourself and cheaper. It is essential to have a personal card and deliver it to as many hands as possible. Speak with old friends, customers, vendors who will buy items, let them your card and ask if they know someone who needs your services and otherwise, if they can have you present if an opportunity were to arise.

The best thing to do to pass your cards from hand to hand is to go straight to where your potential customers. Ideally, take with you some items demo (if you have a product), or brochures with information in the case of a service, and a price list.

Who better to sell it yourself? No need to be a great speaker to sell your qualities as an entrepreneur. Write your elevator pitch (or elevator conversation, in Spanish). The Elevator Pitch is an American concept for entrepreneurs. It is based on be prepared to have your business idea to an investor that you could find in an elevator, which implies that there must be rapid. Normally entrepreneurs are told they have to have: an executive summary of 1-2 pages, the business plan 20-30 pages, corporate presentation (Power Point) pages 10-15 and 30 Elevator Pitch “-1′.

Practice your elevator pitch until you know it as your phone number and that sounds very natural, even learn to insert pauses in it, you have to sound as if you were inventing at the time. In this way, you impress the listener you.

Reward your loyal customers refer others with similar characteristics. An excellent way to get more quality customers is asking those who already are your customers refer you to other acquaintances with similar needs and in return can offer additional benefits such as discounts, extra output or some attractive gift that will motivate them to give names . This strategy works perfectly provided that your client is fully satisfied with your product or service, as it will recommend gladly not only one but many. When a client shakes your hand and finished the job is really satisfied with the care received, the voice note and quickly runs.

Although it may seem silly, it is very important to include in the signature of your email data from your business. Try to subscribe to as many newsgroups and forums where possible think you can have conversations with potential customers. If you can, you add your signature to include your company logo as neat as possible. Always respecting the basis of name, business name, website and phone. Then you can vary, for example including business slogan or address.

Even if you know the person to whom you send it and it’s something totally informal, you do not know if it’s in the home of a friend or colleague raising the email and can become interested else.

Begins to incorporate your customers on a mailing list where you know everyone’s birthday and sends an automatic and personalized email to the arrival time. It is always good to send personalized messages to remind our customers that we remember. Receive for example, a greeting for the new year from your business, you can brighten the day of your client and maybe comment on what happened to a colleague who may be interested in your services.

Generates an email marketing campaign that allows you to reach hundreds or thousands of users to know your product and become contacts. The only observation is that often these campaigns can be considered spam with the negative effect of it that considering it, will have to hire database services that allow sending information to recipients previously filtered. You can also place a strategy on your own with your personal contacts and ask them to help you to forward the information to acquaintances who may be potential consumers.

At this time the web has taken an important place to attract customers. Many seek in network companies where we come long before even making a call. If your company or business does not have virtual presence on the internet, you are probably ceased to be an option for many people. And this without mentioning the most sophisticated web strategies to reach hundreds of thousands of not only local but international customers.

If you do not have any customers yet, focus on the first point and then go climbing.