8 Hispanic entrepreneurs to follow blog or Twitter

In the world “offline” Alejandro Suarez is the author of bestsellers such as “stripping to Google” and “Time to build your company has come” and in the online blog is one of the most followed in the world among those written by entrepreneurs. Founder of companies such as Ocio Networks and Publispain among many others.

Angel Maria is one of the most successful entrepreneurs network. Evoluziona founded, dedicated to creating and investing in innovative projects such as Media and Networks, Bubok, the Initiator foundation dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship worldwide and Influenzia. He also shares his experiences on Twitter.

“Times are changing and as this happens, I am the founder of Coches.com and angel investor and co-founder of Vitamin K”. So this entrepreneur Iñaki Arrola defined in your Twitter profile. Business Administration and Management from the Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid and Exectuive MBA from Instituto de Empresa, also is a professor in the business school. In his blog, personal, public interest stories on topics directly related to business creation, but also share other experiences from which to learn a lesson.

This is a blog dedicated to the internet business in Spanish, edited by Javier Martin and company property Inventa Internet. With over 10,000 daily readers has become the reference blog for entrepreneurs and startups in the world of technology in Spain and Latin America.

Jesus Encinar blog is one of the most widely read around the world between those written by entrepreneurs. It is one of the most popular faces of online business, founder of the real estate portal Idealistic and investor, and is also present on Twitter.

Julio Alonso, is Founder and CEO of Weblogs SL, the leading company in blogs in Europe and Latin America and the largest company specialized in Spanish online media. Weblogs SL also advises companies on issues related to Web 2.0 and helps them build and manage their presences in this area. Its customers include companies such as BBVA, Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Mahou or ING Direct. The topics that are usually written: internet, blogs, media, online advertising, web analytics, digital evolution (migration of industries from business models based on other analog with digital base) and digital activism.

Marc Vidal, the entrepreneur in charge of this blog, is defined as “serial entrepreneur, business consultant and financial blogger”. Author of the work against the culture of subsidy, this bestseller, now in its third edition, carries the significant subtitle of The lowcost microburguesía and poor entrepreneurship. He also shares his ideas through Twitter. It has founded more than a dozen companies in several countries, including Cink or Minipiso, and collaborates with universities and business schools.

Martin Varsavsky, Argentine-born entrepreneur, became popular as founder of Jazztel and Ya.com, and has continued to undertake throughout his career. Currently he is immersed in his latest project, Fon, the world’s largest, with partners like Skype, eBay or Google Wi-Fi community. It is also an investor in technology companies and writes one of the most followed blogs of entrepreneurs in the world.