8 Keys to increase sales

The market is constantly moving, constantly evolving. This dynamism often harms the strategies that have raised for your business and, therefore, profits begin to decline. Here I present 8 tips to increase sales volume.

I mean most of your buyers, or at least those who get most of your income. Are businesses, institutions, independent professionals or consumers ?, where do they go to buy? (Malls, shops, google, shopping portals like Amazon or eBay, ask others), how they like to pay? (Spot, card, paypal, 30 days, never), what type of purchase made? (Impulsive or rational, tenders or invitations), what age group have often buy ?, other things related to what you offer ?, If the answer is yes, what, where, when and to whom;?. More »

The strategies are constructed from a particular context of the market. Therefore, when there are changes in the framework, the points of the plans were structured to encourage profits are affected. For this reason, sometimes necessary to rethink tactics.

When staking strategy according to the relevant context, it should also rethink the possibility of offering new products or services to their customers or introduce entirely new lines. However, before you make these changes, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis on the possible market responses against the new service or product;. More »

You must conceive of competition in a broad sense: it may offer a service or product that has nothing to do with yours. Example: A beach restaurant in summer is competing with precooked supermarket in the city of origin of most of the people who fill the beach, and can be 150 km. Your customers may be in a place that you suspected, and it is critical identificarlos.Es necessary stay updated on the steps being undertaken by the competition. This information will help you understand their behavior, capabilities and limitations. In this way, you will be better prepared to defend your market position, react to changes, and find niche markets.

Do not neglect customer service. Always take into account the customer’s perception of quality versus your service or product you offer. Also establish an awards program that helps build customer loyalty and increase sales;. More »