9 errors that you should avoid as an entrepreneur

If starting a business is difficult, keeping it may become a mission impossible for many new entrepreneurs. It should be made clear, however, that an error does not have to be synonymous with business failure. In fact, many of the entrepreneurs who made some of these mistakes were able to solve them without dying in the attempt.

There are many mistakes that can get to commit an entrepreneur when starting your business idea and obvious but you must avoid falling into them

Many of the entrepreneurs who create businesses in professional sectors know much about their own work, but do not know anything about running a company, which may lead to the closure in case of mismanagement by ignorance of what to do, good training business management can be the solution.

Many entrepreneurs assume they have the ideas in my head is enough, but then arises any problem not have foreseen how to fix it, and if for example the problem was financial, not a business plan a few entities may use;. More »

Generating business ideas is one of the main tasks of who creates a company. However, we must not confuse a good idea with an opportunity, another common mistake is to confuse an original idea with a business opportunity. They are very different things. First, because how you value what is a good idea? Do not be carried away by the euphoria.

Must find a middle ground between no delegation (must delegate to our employees those things that can better do under its qualities), without reaching the on delegation (not charging workers tasks in certain cases should the entrepreneur).

Small business owners often rely on their sense of smell or good judgment to decide who should occupy the key positions of the company. In many cases it right, but if not, the consequences can be more serious than a priori one would expect. The best way to avoid this is a good human resources plan, making a study of the company and professional profiles needed for each job.

It is often better to undertake accompanied only, but it also poses a danger if from the beginning of the relationship between the future partners can no longer provides an organizational chart within the company, establishing who will be the manager, functions of each partners etc. Thus we avoid future conflicts between partners, especially if family and friends, which is more likely to happen because of the trust relationship that existed between them.

The lack of a realistic initial budget of income and expenses of the company thinking that customers will respond immediately to us, we can take account spend more initially, thereby causing a serious strain on cash. It is therefore advisable to calculate the initial investment needed to “open doors” with the cost of the first 6 months. Without this financial cushion to support liquidity, failure skyrockets;. More »

This is not to sell products that the entrepreneur likes, but those products that demandan.También customers can cite other trading mistakes that should be avoided as believing that the product sells itself, sell at a wrong price, contact an public wrong, focus on a star client etc.

As the saying goes rectify it is wise, being able to observe only the entrepreneurs who have rectified in time have survived their mistakes.