Activities for Earth Day

April 22 is International Earth Day. People join on this date to celebrate nature and raise awareness of all kinds of ecological theme. There are many ways to participate in the festivities of Earth Day. Here are some ideas to celebrate with friends or family.

Organizes an art activity or crafts with recycled materials, can be an exhibition in your school, work or community, or just something fun to do with your family and friends.

Do you dare to try a day without technology? Sometimes we get lost in the routine and distractions that allow us all technological devices we have. For one day, unplug and turn off everything. No TV, no phone or computer; do not drive (you can walk, cycling or public transport); illuminates your home with candles … This experiment is fun and educational, is a small reminder of the value of everything you have, and in the process you will notice some things you can do differently to improve your quality of life.

In the absence of technology, fill your time with the following fun activities

April 22 is a good day to plant a tree and / or start your own organic garden. Just goes entering the spring, and you can enjoy your harvest throughout the summer and fall. If you are short on space, consider putting together an urban garden or vertical garden.

Places such as beaches, parks, vacant lots and streets tend to accumulate garbage. And when people see that there is already trash in one place, that’s for sure I will winnow more. So for Earth Day, organizes or participates in cleaning of public places in your area.

Dedicate the day to investigate and learn about the larger the planet and your health threats, and how to combat them. Some relevant issues are

You know what your daily activities produces more carbon dioxide? Find out with carbon calculator and looking for ways to reduce your personal contribution to global warming. Share what you learn with your friends, family and classmates or work.

It is well devote a day to the welfare of the planet, but really is not enough. What makes sense to have eco friendly habits in one day? Better, take Earth Day as an excuse to make lasting changes. For example