artificial and fires the environment

A children and adults like fireworks, everybody loves to see different figures and lights they produce either at festivals, fairs, amusement parks or celebrations. However every celebration of New Year and Independence Day leaves its mark on the face of Mother Earth.

Pyrotechnics or fireworks cover a variety of devices that use gunpowder with different metals and chemicals to make shapes and attractive colors. These same elements cause various types of pollution.

The timing of further contamination of pyrotechnics is when the rocket is propelled into the air and combusted is when all the elements incorporated into the fireworks.

A perchlorates fireworks they are related to water pollution originating from the factories where they are manufactured. Since it if those waters are discharged into a river will cause a serious damage in microorganisms and fauna ecosystem.

Heavy metals are responsible for giving color to fireworks. Pyrotechnics uses 5 heavy metals to give the color. Each of these heavy metals has consequences.

These are generated after the explosion of fireworks and disperse into the atmosphere. Upon reaching the surface they do so in very small particles that can be inhaled constantly cause severe damage to the respiratory tract. Also they contribute to global warming.

Excessive noise of fireworks is dangerous for birds, as it is very high the sound of explosions and this causes panic in birds, causing them to fly in chaotic directions crashing into each other, into buildings, trees and all kinds of obstacles in their path.

Also if you have dogs or cats you may have noticed that they panic and nervousness bursts of fireworks.

Pyrotechnics exceeds 85 decibels that can withstand the dog’s ear reaching 120 decibels. This is what causes dogs aturdan causing the extreme chaos and sometimes flee their homes.

Pyrotechnics generates a lot of trash after his outburst, leaving scraps of paper, cardboard and other materials used to manufacture them. Sometimes these pieces of garbage reach land still burning and this can lead to forest fires.

Fireworks can lead to skin caused by gunpowder and chemicals containing affect the respiratory system, eyes, ears and head burns, including problems from dizziness, unconsciousness, allergies in children and the elderly to asthma and lung cancer. In addition pregnant women inhale toxic materials Bouncing gunpowder and can cause malformations in newborns.

We all like to enjoy the magic of fireworks so the good news is that it is already developing new types of ecological fireworks that are more friendly to the environment and health of people. The new pyrotechnics used as a primary fuel a solution based on nitrogen, generating much less smoke when they exploit and at the same time results in better sharpness and clarity. These fireworks also reduce the toxins involved in the blast. The main disadvantage is that they are more expensive, but the price might decrease over time as well as any new technology.