As citrus are processed in an industrial blender

You know what they have in common orange juice, lemon oil and chicken feed? All are made in the same place: an industrial juicer. Citrus juicer extracts various products tangerine, orange, lemon and grapefruit through a highly efficient process. a type of citrus at a time is processed by harvest season, and all equipment is washed before processing the next. Then described how oranges processed for juice, oil and animal feed.

The essential oil is the most valuable product and extracted first. Green oranges have more oil than ripe oranges, and as oil is the product of greater value, this determines the price that pays for oranges juice maker: green oranges obtain a higher price than mature oranges.

All oranges are poured onto a ramp that leads to a roller with many peaks. While oranges pass through the rollers are washed with a water jet passing through the long roller. Oranges roll on the rollers and their shells are filled with holes, and leaves orange oil. At the end of the rollers are channels carrying fluid (a mixture of water and oil) to a centrifuge.

The centrifuge separates water from oil, but it is not perfect and needs another pass. So the first centrifugal oil goes to another centrifuged and again make a second separation. The oil obtained from the second centrifuge is poured into large drums for storage and sale.

As a final step before shipment, the little water that is mixed with the oil settles above the oil naturally in dairy and removed with a hose.

Why orange oil, grapefruit and lemon used?

Citrus oil used to make perfumes, soaps and natural flavorings for food and medicine. Coca Cola is a major buyer of citrus oils, as they are an important ingredient in soft drinks flavor. Lemon oil is good for cleaning wood furniture and wash oily vessels: can be used to develop non-toxic household cleaners.

Leaving the band rolls, oranges are separated according to the size they have. Collide with a panel of different sizes and gates fall into the gate corresponding to its size. On the other side of each gate there is a sharp knife part oranges in half. Hence they are captured by a band with plastic chain. With the pressure of the multitude of each half orange orange it engages in a link of the chain and is taken to a juicer.

Juice concentrate is pasteurized and exposing to heat. In this process the concentrated juice is obtained and leaves unsavory waste water.

Waste water will subterranean passages that function in a manner similar to a septic tank and require maintenance every few years.

Orange peels out clump together and start to ferment. These shells are used as fresh cow and occasionally for other animals such as pigs and sheep feed.

Fresh shells that are not purchased within a certain time become dry feed for cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens and other farm animals. They dehydrate in a large oven and combined with other ingredients to form food and supplements for animal consumption.