Caring for chickens: basic needs

Hens require relatively little maintenance, however they are very sensitive. If you want to have happy hens, try to fulfill their natural needs.

Hens have a gland that is sensitive to light and stimulates the production of eggs. Usually they need a minimum of 12 hours of light a day to lay an egg, when fewer daylight hours lay eggs less frequently.

The light is not the only factor affecting egg production. The nasty weather and insecurity also affect the behavior of laying hens and they are significant to the successful incubation of eggs obstacles. Try to build a chicken coop to give them shade and protection from the cold, rain and predators … because a cold, wet or frightened hen does not lay eggs.

A pleasant place is essential for your chickens lay eggs regularly.

Enclosing chickens in a limited space, their natural instincts become destructive. To avoid being eaten alive in their boredom, says they have enough space to scratch the earth, jump, stretch your wings and fly short distances. ample space outdoors and also reduce the scope of communicable diseases.

Farm birds drink a lot of water, especially in hot weather. Some people put one or several cloves of garlic in water with the intention of preventing diseases without resorting to antibiotics, others use herbal extracts. The important thing is that the water is fresh, clean and always available.

The ideal diet of a chicken is similar to ours. Although his favorite food is a dish of disgusting insects, she needs a balanced diet containing protein, vegetables and starches, as well as humans. It is not enough to give them corn. For the same reason that lay eggs almost every day, chickens require many vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. They need plenty of calcium in particular, as this is the main component of eggshells.

Unlike mammals, birds have a crop and gizzard where food digestion is performed. Ingested food is stored in the crop and then passed to the gizzard, where finely ground by stones. These stones wear out over time, and the birds replenished simply by eating small stones. If you do not have access to stones, after a while they can not digest their food. The hens eat only commercial food can live without stones because this food is dissolved with water and there is nothing to grind.

Although the chickens never seek wet, they bathe regularly. But their bathrooms are not of water but of dust. You’ve probably seen a little bird wallow in the land, that is the way they cleaned and kept free of parasites.

In nature, chickens sleep in the branches of trees. All chickens sleep in the same tree and return there every night. Include in your chicken coop a hanger where all your chickens can sleep at ease helps to keep them healthy. It uses a material that is not slippery.

Cacaracosas our friends are very sensitive to stress, any change may cause a break in their regular position. It is therefore advisable to be very consistent with them: feed them at the same time every day, collecting eggs at the same time, etc. The more regular routine, less stressed and more regular will your posture.

Chickens are very social birds. They are healthier and happier when they have friends. One hen will take you as his only and best friend.

Chickens really do not need a rooster, unless you want to have chicks. They can lay eggs happily without the participation of a rooster. Do you soprende? Learn more here.

Sometimes it is necessary to separate a hen from the others. It may be because it looks sick or sad and you want to have under observation, or it might have a broody hen will have chicks. Therefore it is desirable to have a separate place for when needed.