Companies came forward [Part 1]

There are companies that for various reasons were about to disappear. However, when managers implement a change of supply, they manage to attract large investors, and implement other strategies can make the company succeed.

Here is four cases of companies that still exist, despite having been on the brink of bankruptcy that will serve you for the future of your own business.

Having been a leading brand in the photography industry for decades, Polaroid in 2001 he declared bankruptcy and was about to disappear.

Recall that artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and other large sought new forms of expression thanks to the Polaroid.

However, the company continues to survive. And even he launched “Cube”, a tiny $ 100 camera capable of taking pictures and recording videos in high definition.

Particular products of this jewel in the photography industry can continue to acquire local brand like Urban Outfitters.

The pioneer of smartphones, Blackberry (BB), in 2013 faced several difficulties due to certain commercial failures. But gradually recovering after having avoided bankruptcy.

BB cellular company announced huge losses and a major layoff plan. But he managed to organize a business plan to avoid bankruptcy thanks to a capital increase of a group of investors led by Fairfax background.

BB presented its latest phone, the “Passport”. The terminal has a square screen, which the company says is perfect for business.

The renowned cosmetics company Avon was affected by a US investigation following allegations of alleged fraudulent operations in China. And also because of changes in its management.

According to what is reflected in the stock market, its managers have not made the right decisions. In recent years the value of the shares of the company have fallen sharply.

According to the financial blog 24/7 Wall St, it was one of the brands that would disappear in 2013.

But some still trust the brand and continue doing business with the same internationally.

Brand colorful and comfortable rubber clogs Crocs became fashionable for consumers of all sizes and ages.

Mario Batali, chef of Food Network, commissioned 200 pairs of Crocs oranges when he learned that would be withdrawn from the market.

But the company is transforming its business line, away from the production of particular clogs to focus on dress shoes. And to reduce costs is closing some of its stores.

Apparently the new path chosen by the company works because it increased its profits.

These were some cases of large companies and brands that managed to stay afloat and overcome a crisis that leaves almost out of the market.

What do you think? Have you ever been on the verge of bankruptcy and you managed to overcome the financial crisis?

Remember that even the great entrepreneurs in history have suffered failures.

If you have any experience to share with me about business that managed to get ahead and / or some other subject and consultation can write to Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon!


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