Cornbread original recipe Mexican style Nuevo Leon

From the small towns of northern Mexico comes this delicious recipe for corn bread traditional Nuevo Leon. Some people know him as corn cake: it is sweet, fluffy and a little juicy, perfect with coffee. Its preparation is quite simple because it contains few ingredients and do not need more than a blender, a pie and an oven.

** The corn should be a variety that does not loose too much milk, for example landraces or any Latin American variety. Sweet corn sold in the United States is too juicy and is not appropriate to make this cornbread. If fresh corn is the only variety you can get, it reduces the amount of condensate to between 1/2 and 2/3 of the canned milk.

The corn should be harvested when they are tender: the grain should be tender enough to be eaten raw without the cob is smooth. The grain should drop milk burst.