Cory Nieves, a successful entrepreneur 10 years

Cory Nieves is a child when she was just six years founded the company Mr. Cory’s Cookies cookies. On the streets of Englewood, New Jersey, Nieves has your shopping cookie sale. Loyal customers are area businesses such as barber shops and car dealerships.

But what is the secret of success of these cookies that are produced in your house? Nieves said in an interview that what good is that they are made with love. And they are completely natural and without preservatives.

In 2009, Nieves moved from The Bronx, New York to New Jersey, and was the period in which the small wanted to save money to fulfill his dream: buy a car his mother, Lisa Howard.

But in the beginning, the child with an entrepreneurial spirit cocoa sold at the door of his house and knew nothing about preparing cookies. However, he investigated in different places such as magazines, websites about this and the various recipes.

According to CBS News, Nieves sells about a thousand delicious cookies weekend.

As he told Nieves to that medium, with her mother have built the business into a Limited Liability Company (LLC), because they could not use their home cooking unless it is commercial.

From a legal perspective, Lisa Howard, his mother, is in charge of operations and making cookies, but Nevis is still the man in charge as Executive Director.

When Cory comes home from school, he and his mother prepared to order deliveries. They have already developed their products for businesses and organizations such as JPMorgan, Porsche, Chase, and the Fire Department of New Jersey.

The small, already stomp on the business world and attracted the attention of many, also he wants to get involved in the fashion industry. The executive told the Huffington Post “Style” buying their clothes at stores like Zara, Ralph Lauren, TopShop, J. Crew and second-hand business. And his style helped him to grow your business.

Thanks to its brand of food and tasteful also known as “Mr. Cory” has thousands of followers on social networks. In his Instagram account already it has nearly 40,000 followers.

Nieves also was invited to the TV show Ellen DeGeneres. The driver took advantage of this meeting to give Cory and his mother the gift of their lives: a Ford car.

While cookies business makes very happy to Cory and keeps busy, both his mother and he have said in various interviews that the mini entrepreneur continues to enjoy his life as a child.

I hope you enjoyed the story of Cory. And you do you think? At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur and have your own business?

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