ecological disposable plates

┬┐You Sacrifice oxygen for the convenience of throwing dishes and towels after use? Indeed this is what you do every time you use a plate or paper towel.

It is very common for people to use these disposable products for all regardless of the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases that produce these, both in its production and destruction. Besides that trees produce the oxygen we need to breathe and manufacture of disposable towels and paper plates requires logging.

There are different types of materials for disposable plates and in the case of a large party or another situation that makes it impossible to use durable dishes, at least you can choose a product more eco friendly.

The most harmful to the environment dishes are those made of plastics and polystyrene (styrofoam), since it takes up several centuries to decompose. Even after all this time still in the form of tiny particles that are toxic to the organisms that come to feed them by accident.

The best materials for disposable dishes are made up of leaves or other organic materials for high performance. For example, you can find dishes made with a high percentage of recycled paper, vegetable starches (also known as ecological or biodegradable plastic), or bamboo. And with respect to disposable towels, better use a cloth fabric: with this simple action, you reduce your carbon footprint.