ecological Halloween Costumes

Imagine the sadness that has to feel poor mermaid: your house is full of garbage because of us and getting hotter it is, because the sea temperature continues to rise due to global warming. This costume is original, attractive and also initiates the conversation on a wide range of issues, including climate change, recycling, consumerism, pollution and the waste hierarchy.

The monarch butterfly is the international symbol of the movement against genetically modified organisms, due to widespread mortality of monarchs in 1999 because of GM maize fields. One of the common changes in the genomes of certain vegetables because these plants produce the Bt toxin. The butterflies and moths are very sensitive to this toxin, so dress up butterfly with a sign “No GMO” is good way raise awareness about the dangers that GM foods cause, both for us and for butterflies.

This is an excellent disguise for young children. Babies really cute dresses animals are, and tenderness in these costumes teddy reminds us of the vulnerability of wild animals against human civilization. The fact that these species could disappear from the planet before children become adults adds a sense of urgency to their protection. You do not know what animals are endangered?

These scary costumes arise from energy disasters such as oil spills and radioactive waste from nuclear plants. It is relatively easy to make a homemade costume bird baƱanda oil. Dress in black and just need a fake beak and many black feathers, and take a friend dress radioactive skeleton to promote renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear contamination.

The windmill is a simple costume that can be done at home: trousers or gray skirt, white or brown, accompanied with a sign that says “clean energy”, the windmill blades may be made of cardboard, supported by the head or shoulders. If you go with other friends, windmill makes an excellent combination with oil soaked bird and radioactive skeleton: this trio shows the damage we do, even having the solution at hand.

No more sinister than an indefinite mass of garbage monster, and most scary it is that the monster of our waste is very real. This costume is easy to make at home, because the trash is where is … not have to spend almost nothing and can be very creative in creating your costume. For example, dress blue skirt and become the scariest garbage you can find, and you are the Garbage Patch.

While others are dressing as imaginary superhero movies, which represents organic farmer view the real hero of the future. The natural food is the basis of our life and health, and the organic farmer is responsible for the essential task of providing healthy food without damaging the planet that sustains us. Currently organic farmers also are in the uncomfortable position of having to fight the mega agrochemical corporations that contaminate vegetables with transgenic DNA.