Entrepreneurs who failed at first [4-6]

I must confess that many times in my life I felt a failure. And you?

If you now feel you’re a failure, I want you to read the following

Anyone who achieves great things in life is bound to fail at some point, or at least to feel a failure. But the feel or experience that is part of the process of turning a project into a success. That is, it is something positive. And do you know why? Because it means that there is action and movement to achieve the desired goals. Do not worry.

The most successful entrepreneurs in history have also failed before to succeed in their business. It is therefore important that we take the experience borrowed from them not only to motivate, but also to learn from their mistakes or how they have managed to rise after a strong rejection. It is important to remember that you can learn from failure.

If you or someone you know, through that phase of alleged failure in some aspect of your life will appreciate these cases of large entrepreneurs who went through very difficult times before succeeding.

Steve Jobs was one of the great innovators of history, but during his career has also run into obstacles in the way.

In 1985, Jobs was ousted from the company he helped build, Apple. Despite feeling rejected, he focused on new ideas and companies like Pixar.

He also devoted himself to developing NeXT computer station for educators.

However, Apple bought NeXT, and Jobs returned to the company. From there he developed the iPod and iPad, making the company the manzanita in one of the most successful companies in the Fortune 500 in the past decade.

Jobs is the example that you can learn from failure, and used to say: “I am the only person who knows how to lose a quarter million dollars in one year is very constructive.”; More ‘.

Oprah Winfrey had a very difficult childhood because they grew up in a poor family and was sexually abused.

In addition, Winfrey was fired from her first job in television as a presenter. According to his former bosses, the talented and charismatic driver did not meet the necessary to get on the small screen conditions;. But Winfrey recovered from these incidents, and became an undisputed reference, and the queen of television interviews . And then he built a media empire.

According to Forbes, the star has an estimated US $ 2,900 million almost capital.

Oprah Winfrey phrase: “. Think like a queen A queen is not afraid of failure Failure is another step towards greatness.”.

Vera Wang, is the favorite dress designer fashion brides Hollywood and the world. But before winning the title, Wang competed in figure skating championships US. The skating was the great passion of her.

However, their dreams of reaching the Olympics did not materialize, Wang decided then inserted into the fashion industry. After graduating from college, he worked at Vogue where she became fashion editor, but did not get the post of editor in chief.

In 1990, the renowned designer opened her own bridal boutique in New York City.

Vera Wang design became a leading brand and a multimillion dollar business that includes bridal wear, prêt-à-porter, fragrances, accessories and home decor.

Vera Wang phrase: “For me the idea that I could always do better, learn more, learn faster, it is something that came skating. But I took it with me for the rest of my life. ”

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