Free yourself of plastic in 9 Steps

The plastic seems impossible to escape, it is everywhere. It is a versatile and useful material, but it is not very friendly to the environment and poses certain dangers to our health as well. If you’re ready to take the leap and remove plastic from your life, start with these 9 steps.

Use reusable bags (eg cotton or hemp) when you go shopping.

Instead of taking individually bottled drinks, filled a glass bottle or metal. It gives preference to drinks in glass bottles and buy the larger bottle that makes sense for your use.

Avoid buying packages within packages within packages and gives preference to products that use less packaging. Communicate your preference the manager of the supermarket you frequent.

Bring your own thermos or mug when you buy coffee (some cafés get a discount!)

Rejects straws and cutlery. Bring your own reusable cutlery in your bag, backpack or car to use at parties and restaurants takeaways. You can get compact and convenient covered in section camping in sporting goods stores.

If you have to use some plastic products, seeks to be of types of recyclable plastic … and recíclalos.

There are many products you can do at home very easily: hygiene and beauty products, cleaners, pesticides, flavorings and more. By doing things yourself, you diminish not only the plastic shopping: you also save money and avoid contact with numerous toxic compounds found in many everyday products, More “.

Is there a cleanup event at the beach or fair for Earth Day? Join up. Find out about environmental issues relevant to your community and supports municipal action towards a more sustainable future. Aside from being part of the solution, you meet people with whom you can collaborate, people who inspire you,. More »

Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable alternative for all the plastic we use. Maybe you can invent the solution you seek. And do not you have to do alone. Talk to your friends, ask in online forums, communicate what you want to do with other people in your community. Two brains are better than one.