Geothermal energy

It is the heat energy from there inside the Earth. The origin of the word is Greek root “GEOS” (Earth) and “thermos” (heat) to give compound meaning “heat of the Earth”. Currently this term is used to describe the internal thermal phenomena on Earth as well as the set of all processes used to extract this energy for human use.

The heat in the interior of the planet is a lasting energy. Unlike wind and solar energy, it is constant and independent of the seasons and weather conditions. It is considered renewable energy since the heat of the planet is unlimited compared with the stay of humans on Earth – the underground temperature of the planet is reduced to 130 ° C every billion years – thus geothermal energy is available for many generations.

This energy existed long before people awarded him a name. Where there were hot springs or fumaroles natural, people used them to cook their food, take baths with hot water, and heat homes, greenhouses and stables; minerals containing the hot springs were used for medical purposes. In the nineteenth century the geothermal energy began to industrially exploit the technological advances of this era. The founder of the geothermal industry was the French Francois Larderel; it was he who used liquid in an evaporation process instead of burning wood and so he started what is now known as geothermal energy.

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