How to buy government surplus goods

You have your business, but you need supplies. Purchase goods government surplus is an easy and affordable way to outfit your new growing company. From computers and automobiles to medical equipment used, the government sells practically anything you can think you may need your company at a price equal to or lower fair market value.

A small business guide for sales and government audits

When a state or federal agency has additional equipment, confiscated property or mortgage a property, goods are transferred to another government agency or sold to the public. These items are sold “in the state are” in negotiated sales or auctions, either online, in person or in both modes. Online auctions work like other auction sites such as eBay. You go to the auction site agency, you register your name and you make an offer.

Unlike most state government agencies, there is no single auction website in federal agencies.

The following websites provide government surplus goods and real estate for sale.

Auction sites

Guidelines for government auctions