How to Fold Cloth Diapers: folding origami

Among all the bends that exist for cloth diapers, perhaps the most useful is the fold origami. It serves children and can be adjusted for small and large babies, placing the fabric where needed. Usually a square gauze is used, however many of the simple diapers that can be purchased are rectangular or become rectangular after the first wash.

Simple diapers should be square and most common folds are made from a square fabric. However, the diapers are easier to get in the market (and cheaper too) have the annoying tendency to become rectangular with the first wash. If you have a diaper so, no problem: simply fold the edge to give it a square shape. If your diaper is already square, you can skip this step.

Fold the napkin in half exactly as shown in the photo. If you start with a square diaper, the orientation does not matter because not have that extra fabric you see on the right side of the diaper in the photo.

Take the loose corner (lower right) and pull the fabric carefully to your left, forming a triangle.

Grab the diaper on the upper tip of the triangle with one hand and at the base of the triangle with the other. Turns all the diaper. Now you should be looking at the back of the diaper, with the point of the triangle towards you.

Fold the right edge toward the center to form a strip of fabric thicker in the center of the diaper. Do not lift the “wing” of the triangle. The band will be in the best position to absorb everything. You must make two folds so that the band is centered.

To form the shot diaper, fold it in half upwards. Now the vertical extent of the diaper must be equal (more or less, do not have to be exact) to suit your waterproof cover.

Now fold the wings inward. So you can keep the diaper until you want to use. It is a very convenient way to keep baby’s room organized way because the diaper is relatively flat and square. You can easily amass many diapers on a shelf or in a drawer.

When you’re ready to put the diaper on the baby, put it under him, ensures it is well centered and fold up. Stretch your wings to the center. If the wings seem very long, fold back so you do not get in the way. Close the diaper with pins or a clip.