How to Make a aroma diffuser with sticks of wood or bamboo

An aroma diffuser with sticks is a simple and natural flavoring system. It does not require catch fire as incense or lamp diffuser, nor pollutes the air with chemicals. It consists of a bottle with aromatic oil in the background and several sticks of bamboo or light wood that suck the oil and exposed to air, where it evaporates and releases a pleasant aroma. It is practical and elegant: it looks good as a decorative element in any part of the house and you can fill with the fragrance you like. Nor is it necessary to buy special oil to the diffuser, it is easy to do with just three common ingredients.

1/4 cup starts with a neutral oil, for example mineral oil, safflower oil or almond oil. This forms the base oil.

Add a touch of alcohol (preferably cleaning alcohol, but also works vodka) and 10 to 15 drops of any essential oil that you like.

If you prefer to fill your home with a perfume for the body, adds perfume instead of alcohol and essential oil. The perfume should be of high quality to avoid the problem mentioned above.

To color the oil, you can use a food coloring oil based.

eye! If your intention is to make a flavor 100% natural and what you want is to avoid chemicals, do not use mineral oil (it is a derivative of petroleum like paraffin) and investigates While the content of your perfume (or better use pure oils essential).

The container can be a bottle or vase ceramic or glass, looking for something small and decorative. The most important thing is the shape of the bottle: You must have the narrow neck but with enough room for 8 or 10 sticks. If the neck is wide and the oil surface is very exposed to air, it will cause a more rapid evaporation and oil will last less.

Pour oil to fill the container to about 3/4. You can add stones in the bottom of the container as decoration and to maintain stable wands.

Wands can be of light wood or bamboo, the can buy or just experience using local tree twigs. Wands must be completely dry, shelled and preferably without knots. If you have access to a shop which sells materials to make baskets, wand # 6 for baskets it is a very economical option.

After 24 hours, Wands have already absorbed the oil. To facilitate the evaporation and thus the function of the diffuser aromatic, flips wands. Now they are soaked with oil and your diffuser must be running at 100%. Turn Wands once a week to maintain the intensity of aroma.