How to put together a press kit

A press kit is like the biography of your company. It is a compilation of information and materials company organized to communicate your message in detail and to interest reporters, producers, editors, magazines, radio and television in your business. It can also be presented to investors, customers and potential employees. The aim is to create a press kit that grabs the reader’s attention, mainly by creating a great impression, helping him to remember, causing wishes to know more. It is used as part of any PR campaign.

Press Kit Features

To develop a press kit is essential to have attractive as a cornerstone criterion: Wealth in the contents. Not only you have to be well written (it is assumed), but must also organize their content for readability. This can be solved by incorporating an index and enumerating the leaves, especially in the case of some large documents.

A kit may contain corporate news

If deemed relevant, it can also be included

A press kit for the launch of a new product may contain

If deemed relevant, it can also be included

The contents of a press kit can vary so much that it is only possible to establish basic guidelines for those entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their public relations campaign with this fundamental tool.

Presentations of a press kit

New technologies allow us to offer a press kit in a variety of presentations that can make it more attractive and powerful, which is essential to achieve apart from the competition.

Traditional: The printed kit. a colored paper or higher quality for attention can be used, but is in danger of passing unnoticed in a stressed wording.

Interactive CD: It offers the advantage that can contain much information and can be viewed without the need to be connected to the internet.

Interactive DVD: Facilitates submit a press kit interactive audiovisual content of the highest quality, without being connected to the internet, but with the disadvantage that journalists have to rely on DVD on your computer.

Interactive online: The enormous potential of Internet browsing make this presentation press kit gain more followers. It is not only a comfortable option for the journalist, because it can “copy and paste” the information directly, but offers possibilities for instant access to other internet references through links, or you can send an email to the press contact to solve a doubt that arises at the time.

Another advantage is that it is open to everyone who is connected to the Internet, you can track access, to have reliable and measurable what interested the visitor knowledge and referring the journalist to other areas your website. It is recommended that, for convenience of the journalist, the ability to download the press kit from the computer internet is offered.

Finally, remember that these recommendations are generic, which should really prevail is common sense and experience of the entrepreneur, who finally have the knowledge about what is most important to include in your press kit to communicate the characteristics of their product and / or service in the best way possible.