How to remove stains on clothing

Clothing is one of the biggest expenses of the family, and forms an important part of your budget. Therefore, you want the clothes that you buy for your family last as long as possible. But stains can transform a beautiful dress or some expensive pants in rags.

You need to fight stains to keep the clothes, but the stain remover can be expensive and not always work well. No need to buy expensive cleaning fluid that is in the supermarket to have clean clothes. This is a list of inexpensive home stain remover recipes you can do with things you already have at home.


The vinegar works well to remove stains from your favorite clothes.

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Dishwashing liquid

This fluid is perfect for removing food stains or oil. Consider: companies that make dishwashing liquids have spent decades studying the best methods of removing oil from your pan.

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Baking soda

When your children are stained clothes, you always report, right? Do not?! Do not worry. Baking you use to make cookies and remove odors from your refrigerator also works to remove the “secret” spots that you know nothing to discover after washing clothes, when they have settled and are much more difficult to remove. It also makes all the clean clothes.

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Mete 0.5 cup (120 cc) of baking soda in the wash along with your regular detergent.


The normally liquid detergent you use to wash clothes can also be used to remove stains. Too easy!

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Specific ways to remove common stains

Blood stains

As soon as possible, rinse well with cold water stain.

If clothing is still stained

Grass stains

Want your children to exercise to be healthy and happy, but how difficult grass stains! When your child falls through the grass, chlorophyll dye cloth as a true dye. It is important to wash the stain as soon as possible, because the grass stains are one of the most difficult to remove.


Note: Before using this method, read the clothing label to ensure that the fabric can suportar the use of chlorine.

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Ink stains

Note: Before using nail polish remover to remove an ink stain, try it on an inconspicuous part of the clothing fabric to ensure that it can suportar. After removing the stain with nail polish remover, rinse the clothes with water before washing to remove it.