How to save a newborn baby

You have just to welcome the newest member of the family, and have never felt such a strong love. What love! What joy! So expensive!

There are many things you need to buy before the birth of your baby during the first year of life. You want your son to have everything you need and things of high quality, but also have to pay the mortgage and start a fund to pay for college after 18 years.

You can buy everything you need without pulling the small budget in the trash. First, it is important to resist the temptation to spend a lot on things so you can pay less. There are common mistakes that many parents do while preparing for the baby.

Do not pay too much …

Buying a stroller and car seat for baby. When you select a baby stroller, the most important thing is safety. You can pay $ 1,000 for a very fancy, but you can pay $ 250 for one like insurance. A baby stroller does not have to be branded or have too many elements Chanel accessories. It needs to be safe, with brakes and seat belts that work well, and a space where to put the baby bag and a water bottle for mom or dad. It is done.

When you buy a car seat for your baby, also look at safety rather than style. This page has information about the safety of car seats for babies. This page has information about common errors using the seat because the seat works well only if it has been properly installed.

As the cradle, it is better not to buy new and second-hand baby stroller and car seat for baby. Send the warranty card to the manufacturer can notify you if there is a product recall. Look on the website of The US Consumer Product Safety Commission to find out about product recalls baby.

If you save on shopping for your baby, you can save money for the future, avoid the stress of spending too much and still give a fun party for his first birthday.