In pictures: The best cities for cycling

While in many parts of the world the bike never lost its value as transportation, it is just gaining popularity in the United States. Because of the great distances and lack of infrastructure for cyclists, cycling has been neglected for a long time in large US cities. However, more and more people are changing their cars for bicycles due to their growing concerns about the environment and health.

Of all the great cities of the United States, Portland has the largest cycling population. It is one of the safest cities for cyclists and compared with the most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe. It has an official plan cycling infrastructure since 1973, which is updated regularly with the participation of public transportation agencies, the Advisory Committee Bicycles and Bicycles Program Portland.

The fresh and sunny climate lends Tucson to get from one place to another by bicycle. The city has an urban circuit of 55 miles (88.5 km), which will expand to 133 miles (214 km) when completed. It also has numerous trails for mountain biking. Tucson has an active cycling population and security is a priority.

Cycling in Minneapolis still stands despite the cold weather: between 2011 and 2012 urban cycling increased almost 35%. Minneapolis residents are delivered thoroughly cycling with special courses on cycling in winter and not let the weather stop them all. On the contrary, the cold and frost conditions create a strong sense of community among cyclists. The government also does its part: it strives to improve infrastructure and it is presumed that it is possible to travel a large part of the city by bike without having contact with any car.

New Orleans is one of the US cities where most people travel on foot and by bicycle. In 2013 the city won the bronze of the League of American Bicyclists (League of American Bicyclists) for its commitment to improve conditions for cyclists through infrastructure, education, promotion and cycling-friendly policies. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans has added about 60 miles (96.5 km) of roads for cyclists and continues to make the effort to add more each year.

Official support cycling is relatively new in Washington, D.C. but now the capital of the United States is trying to regain lost time. Currently she spends more per capita on projects for cyclists and pedestrians than any other city. He opened the first automated public bicycle system in the nation, built bike lanes on major thoroughfares and installed more than 1,600 bicycle parking.

This mountain town is one of the most active in the United States with respect to outdoor activities. Among the popular hobbies include hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing and urban gardening. It has a young population and the council supports their taste for outdoor life: Denver has many parks and routes to travel on foot or by bicycle.

When bikers Seattle not found an attentive ear in government, they became politically active. The club cyclists Cascade Bicycle Club – which has 14,000 members and 80,000 followers – achieved a presence in politics when they decided to form a political action committee and promote their own candidates. In the last elections, 75% of these candidates won. The cyclist movement has enough public support and there are already several projects to improve infrastructure for urban cyclists.

The cycling culture is very strong in San Francisco. It is common to see cyclists in suits on their way to work and there are big events like music festivals that incorporate cycling as part of the environment. It is also the safest for cyclists, with only one fatal accident per 10,000 cyclists American city. It has more bike paths per square kilometer than any other city.

A city with attitude and pride, Oakland acts initiative to promote sustainable transport. Designates significant funds needed to improve walking and cycling walk, focusing on convenient ways to use a practical combination of different types of transport (for example, use your bike over the subway or bus) infrastructure. It has the second station in the country, where there is easy access to the subway and repair services, rent, sale and largest bicycle parking bicycles.

In the capital of California cycling is a hobby and a way to transport increasingly popular. Community events and activities are appearing spontaneously, from walks in the center to workshops where volunteer to fix bicycles free of charge. Improve conditions for cyclists is a priority for the city of Sacramento city designates a large amount of funds to this objective and is proactive in dialogue with cycling groups in the city for suggestions.