Main concepts to manage your business

To consider the feasibility of your business initiative there are two types of skills or skills that you must possess or acquire to manage your future company

– Know-how

– Knowledge management

It is essential that both capacities to meet the “know-how” requires complemented by management skills, as poor management can wreck a good product or service. In the same way, good management is not enough to succeed if not properly paid service, a quality product is produced.

Know to do

It is important that your business plan is directly related to an activity that you like and motivate you, as one of the keys to business success is the ability of dedication. In addition to the vocational behavior, keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the company should be offering a product or service in the market, so the company must have the knowhow.

If you detect weaknesses or gaps in expertise, there are different ways to strengthen this aspect

knowing how to manage

Knowing setting priorities for tasks to be run on a daily basis is one of the keys to success in the business world. This ability to separate the important from the urgent, you have to be on a date or yes, what can or should wait a little longer, can be considered almost a necessary skill to do to run a business. You may be the best in your profession or have some personal qualities that allow you to perform your activity properly, however, owning a business involves a new task management. This is a fact that should not worry, because I like in most cases, it is something you can learn.


Management is the process of interventions to make things happen in a certain way, on the basis of purposes. Management is confronted with the results, not goals. It is to plan, organize, direct and control the actions of the company. Anyone responsible for a company, or an area of ​​a company, regardless of the characteristics that have the organization, must always carry out these four activities

Always being in the presence of a management process, these functions are implied, although the subdivision presented is for the purpose of analysis, as everything is running simultaneously in a given period of time, and without complying with this order default in which it is presented. What is indisputable is that each of these functions play a role in the process of making a viable, stable and business projections, complementing each other.

Despite the role of each, many authors the relative importance of planning over the others because it involves analyzing your development alternatives and take “safer,” less costly decisions arise.