Mocochinchi: soda or water peach Bolivia

The mocochinchi (also called fresh orejón) Bolivia is a refreshing drink made of dried peaches. You could say that is the national drink of Bolivia due to its popularity. The mocochinchi is easy to do and is much healthier than the commercial soda. And most important of all is that it is very tasty! In recent years, this traditional drink has become a national symbol of resistance against globalization and the power of transnational corporations.

The mocochinchi is one of the most widely consumed beverages in Bolivia. It is made of homemade way and sold in street stalls, often by Aymaras grannies. Because of its cultural importance, the Bolivian government under President Evo Morales proposed the mocochinchi as a national substitute for Coca Cola. For many people the Coca Cola represents the American political and economic model based on unrestrained capitalism and imperialism and against which we must fight.



quick Tip

A shortcut to prepare the fastest mocochinchi: instead of soaking overnight peaches, peaches cover with water, boil the water and let soak peaches in hot water an hour. Then proceed to step # 3 above.


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