5 business ideas for entrepreneurial mothers

The number of women who are mothers and entrepreneurial increasing daily. It is not an easy task to make money from home while carrying forward the organization of a home.

But how they do? What are some of the best options to work from home for a woman who is mother?

The answer is very long and diverse. The wonderful thing is that many of these women continue their passion for their vocation or interests to create a successful business.

Here are some of the best business and entrepreneurial jobs for mothers.

If you have worked in areas of administration and finance, marketing, law, engineering, human resources and international trade, you can set your own consulting from home.

Be venture requires a lot of dedication and attention, but allow you to manage your schedule to spend time with your children.

Also remember that every business deserves to spend time to be successful.

Tip: To provide this type of service is important to have work experience. And having studied and received a degree from an institution recognized by the educational authority that enables you to practice the profession.

If you have the ability to clearly articulate ideas through writing and you love the world of letters this is the profession for you. You can write for pages or create your own blog.

The articles you write can be about any subject in order to educate, inform, entertain, sell and excite your readers.

In the beginning, you should write about something you know a lot and you are passionate about.

Tip: Be prepared for rejection. Many of your ideas and items will not be accepted.

If you put up your graphic design studio in your home you can make from brochures to catalogs and advertising products for businesses in your neighborhood.

You can offer your services to advertising agencies, publishers, companies, product manufacturers and local businesses.

In addition, as a designer you can also advise on what kind of printing stationery, images and fonts should you use for the manufacture of its products.

Tip: Listen and understand what the customer wants is key to being a successful graphic designer.

Food is a fundamental issue in the lives of people. And you as a mother you know better than anyone.

You can show your menu on an Internet site, cook to order, and deliver it.

If you choose to start a restaurant business, in addition to cooking skills, you also need to have knowledge about nutrition and excellent organizational skills.

Also, your business selling food you can expand with

Tip: It is important that operes your business according to standards of health and hygiene, and know handling food and ingredients correctly.

Are you passionate about gardening? If the answer is yes, you have a lot to what you can contribute to your community.

Your customers can be individuals, restaurants, shops and hotels.

You can offer various services, such as

Tip: With your knowledge of gardening, you can also create floral arrangements and selling, event organizers, churches, and businesses of the area hotels.

The list of ideas can go on and on.

Remember, if you have any experience to share with me about business ideas for entrepreneurial mothers or other theme write me at Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon!

PS: I recommend you read an article that will serve to you to evaluate if your idea works.

The share buyback programs

When companies have excess liquidity they may decide to use that money to fund business expansion projects. But if this is not in the plans then management may choose to distribute the excess to pay dividends to its shareholders, usually in cash. Alternatively you can take is the buyback.

It is a program in which companies decide to withdraw some of its own shares in the market through a buying process either through the stock market or directly to shareholders at a fixed price.

Buyback programs reduce the number of outstanding shares, but has no effect on revenue of the company. Rather they help companies to invest in themselves if it is considered that the shares are undervalued and offer a good return to shareholders.

Management may decide to implement a share repurchase program for several reasons, including

– Confidence in the future of the company; – Leverage a low valuation of the share price in the market – Create more value for shareholders and would correspond a higher proportion of profits

In most cases when companies announce a share buyback program, management says there is no better investment than in their own actions. But this is not always the case, as it may be a sign that the company lacks growth or expansion projects.

They can also decide on these programs to improve the financial index of the company.

The repurchase tends to improve financial ratios of the company because as we have said, in the process the number of shares outstanding is reduced, and once the company acquired the canceled or held in treasury.

As there are fewer shares earnings per share (EPS) increase. It’s like the same cake spread among fewer individuals, all will be up a greater proportion.

If the company uses its cash reserves for the repurchase, this means that their assets will be reduced, since money is an asset. This makes the return on assets or ROA also improve with an increase.

The buyback also implies that there will be less equity in circulation, which means that the return on equity or ROE improve upward.

As for the price-earnings ratio (P / E), it is known that the lower its value is better because it can be a sign that stocks are cheap or undervalued. When the buyback applies this index can be lowered due to the increase in earnings per share (EPS), and this would be very attractive to investors.

We must not overlook the tax effect. While dividends are taxable as ordinary income, to repurchase the shareholder pays tax only if they decide to sell their shares and there are capital gains.

The repurchase program is very similar to payment of dividends, only instead of receiving cash dividends, what happens is an increase in the value of shares remaining.

But when a company announces this type of program it is important to analyze how they will fund because if recourse to borrowing could weaken its financial statements.

5 Steps to live green

Today more than ever we talk about living green. But how can we reduce our consumption? You might be surprised to learn that the best you can do for your bank account is to live greener. In fact, to improve our habits in favor of the environment saves us money while ensuring a healthy and clean future for our children. Sounds good? Try these five easy steps to help the planet and save money.

Did you know that 99% of the products we buy end up in the trash can in less than 6 months after your purchase? Every time we buy something we do not need, we are damaging the environment and wasting money that could be spent on something more important, something that is not intended as soon away.

But how do you know which products are really needed? The next time you go shopping, try this simple exercise: when you’re about to buy something, get yourself two questions: What if I do not buy? and do I really need? If the answer to the latter question is “no”, better leave the product in the store and salt with a clear conscience and more bills in your pocket.

A flower pot beautify the home, creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It also has many health benefits: a single potted plant can clean between 45 and 80 percent of air pollutants in just 24 hours!

Physically and psychologically, have plants at home or the workplace makes us feel better, breathe better, we get tired less and feel more comfortable. The benefits are many and as we spent most of our time indoors in air-conditioned places, well worth buying one or two potted plants for the home or office. And once they grow well, they can be separated to share with friends!

In any home energy leaks. Although perhaps none do by itself a big difference in your electricity bill, the sum of these day after day in shows.

To eliminate leaks, unplug appliances that are not in use, close the curtains in summer to keep out the sun replaced the old bulbs with energy saving bulbs, turn off the lights when you leave the room.

When the time comes to replace electrical appliances, try to buy appliances with the Energy Star label or equivalent. And do not forget to investigate the legal advantages of upgrading your electrical appliances – some governments give financial support to buy efficient appliances – another opportunity to save money.

A small leak does not hurt anyone … and besides, fix costs! True?

Do not! In fact, a small leak can waste up to 5000 liters in a single day.

Although it costs a bit to repair the leak, you will save over the long term – also can be a good time to install a faucet or water saver toilet, thus lowering your water consumption and therefore your monthly bill.

If you do not have enough money to fix the leak at this time, you can collect the water in a bowl and use it to water plants or wash pots for a leaky toilet can be useful close the stopcock located behind the toilet ( look for it near the floor next to the wall), opening it only when you want to lower the water.

Do you live far from your workplace? Talk to your acquaintances, you will most likely find someone who works in the same area. With gasoline prices rising higher, benefits all of us traveling together, sharing the cost of gasoline and reducing our carbon footprint.

If you live near your work, you can choose to bike or walk: also help you to be healthier and lose some kilos.

And of course, we must investigate public transportation options: ask at the town hall or the Ministry of Communication and Transport for information on routes and transport types that exist in your area. It can be more convenient than you think!

The best advertising and marketing practices on Internet

Internet continues to connect advertisers and marketers to customers from New York to Buenos Aires with text, interactive graphics, video and audio. If you are thinking of joining the thousands of businesses that already advertise on the Internet, remember that many of the same rules that apply to other forms of advertising apply to electronic marketing. These rules and guidelines not only protect businesses and consumers, but help Internet to maintain its credibility as an advertising medium. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prepared a detailed guide, and here I present the most important points at this time

General offers and declarations of products and services

The Law of the Federal Trade Commission allows the FTC to act in the interest of all consumers to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices.

In addition, an act or practice is unfair if it causes an injury, or is likely to cause, is

Law Internet commercial transactions

Set your online business can be a lucrative way to attract customers, expand your market and increase sales. Mostly, the steps to start online businesses are the same as for starting any business. However, conducting business transactions over the Internet is accompanied by other legal and financial considerations, in particular in areas such as privacy, security, copyright and taxation.

The rules and regulations to conduct electronic commerce apply mainly to retailers and other online businesses transacting with consumers to collect customer data. However, while not sell anything online, laws covering digital rights and online advertising can still apply to you.

Protection of customer privacy

Most companies collect and retain sensitive personal information from its customers and employees, such as names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers and other account numbers. The protection of personal information not only makes good business, but also helps to avoid legal problems. Depending on the type of data you collect and who are the data, you can see subject to federal and state laws confidentiality.

digital / Copyright

Personal data is not all that is protected on the Internet. Digital works, including texts, films, music and art are copyrighted and are protected by the Law on Copyright in the Digital Millennium (DMCA (English)).

Features of biomass

All material coming from living organisms is biomass, but not all organic matter lends itself to the efficient production of electricity. To evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of the process of converting biomass to energy are taken into account the parameters and conditions that characterize it.

Caloric power: Determines the available energy in biomass. The heating value is related to moisture content. The more moisture less fuel.

The energy released as heat when biomass is burned completely has a calorific value, this is the amount of energy per physical unit (Joule per kilogram).

The calorific value can be gross or net. The gross calorific value is the total amount of energy released in fuel divided by the weight. The net value is the amount of energy available after evaporation of the water contained in the biomass; this is the amount of energy harnessed and truly is always less than the gross calorific value.

Designing a successful sales strategy

If your business involves selling a product, you’re probably looking for ways to improve sales. A sales strategy focus your efforts on the most important public, both existing and potential.

Check out these strategies to overcome objections and close sales.

The most important aspects to consider when designing a sales strategy are

Develop your ability to be an expert seller

International sales online

Selling your products online allows immediate entry into the global market. However, shipping a product overseas presents some challenges if you have little experience with taxes, duties, customs laws and issues relating to consumer protection in international trade.

If you’re just starting out, the following resources will help you understand the legal and regulatory requirements to ship products abroad

Mocochinchi: soda or water peach Bolivia

The mocochinchi (also called fresh orejón) Bolivia is a refreshing drink made of dried peaches. You could say that is the national drink of Bolivia due to its popularity. The mocochinchi is easy to do and is much healthier than the commercial soda. And most important of all is that it is very tasty! In recent years, this traditional drink has become a national symbol of resistance against globalization and the power of transnational corporations.

The mocochinchi is one of the most widely consumed beverages in Bolivia. It is made of homemade way and sold in street stalls, often by Aymaras grannies. Because of its cultural importance, the Bolivian government under President Evo Morales proposed the mocochinchi as a national substitute for Coca Cola. For many people the Coca Cola represents the American political and economic model based on unrestrained capitalism and imperialism and against which we must fight.



quick Tip

A shortcut to prepare the fastest mocochinchi: instead of soaking overnight peaches, peaches cover with water, boil the water and let soak peaches in hot water an hour. Then proceed to step # 3 above.


Any recipe has many variations depending on who prepares it. If you like to experiment, try some of these options

What is biodiversity?


1. The variety of living species. Animals, plants, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, 2. The genetic variation within a species or between species.

Conserving biodiversity is important to protect the health of ecosystems that sustain us. The reason is simple: the more biodiversity, the more likely that any of the existing varieties can survive an external pressure, for example a plague, a prolonged drought, extreme chemical pollution or the consequences of climate change.

Take the orange as an example. Imagine that there is a very strong storm one year exactly the most sensitive flowering season of a variety of orange. Wind and rain knock down all the flowers, completely eliminating production throughout the year. If there is only one variety of orange (there is absolutely nothing biodiversity), all organisms that depend on the orange can die or fall dramatically population.

Also known as: biodiversity, genetic diversity

Camomile takes away the tiredness

Chamomile is an annual herb native to Europe. It is easy to grow, grows well in any soil and in full sun. There are many types of chamomile, but the most commonly used in herbal medicine is the German chamomile (M. recutita). This variety can reach 80 centimeters tall, it has pinnate, alternate, segmented and linear leaves. The flowers look like small daisies, the center is yellow and is surrounded by many white petals that are tridentate at the apex (tip). As its name suggests, the whole plant gives off a sweet scent and pleasant like the apple.

chamomile flower is harvested in summer and can be used fresh or dried.

Chamomile has an antidiarrheal effect and carminative (expels gases) on the digestive system. With respect to the skin and mucous membranes, chamomile is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. For the nervous system is sedating.


Foster, Steven and Johnson, Rebecca L. Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine. National Geographic Society, 2006.

Hernandez Bautista, Faviola. medicinal uses of chamomile in Tlahui-Medic. No. 26, II. School of Nursing at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, 2008.

Weiss, Gaea and Shandor. Growing and Using the Healing Herbs. Rodale Press, 1985.

How to create a portfolio of profitable investments

One of the biggest challenges facing investors is to make a proper distribution of its assets at the time of creating an investment portfolio. The key is to have clear goals and design a strategic plan to achieve them. Thus, it will be much easier to select and diversify assets can compose your portfolio.

Studies show that a balanced portfolio of investments can achieve better results in the long run.

First you should be clear about the goals you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term. The objectives can be various as collect the entry fee for a house, financing the education of your children, or retire earlier.

Once you have clearly defined what you want to achieve is much easier to design a course of action or investment plan to reach the goal.

When setting your goals you should consider

• Current situation: Make an assessment of your current financial situation by specifying your assets, income, and expenses to determine your initial fund and how much you can contribute regularly.

• Time: This involves knowing when you will need the money, and quantity. When your goals are long term, it helps to cope with the volatility of markets.

• Risk tolerance: Every investment has its risk level, and should be comfortable with the degree of uncertainty that will bring constant changes in the value of your investment portfolio.

• Inflation: Inflation causes money to lose value over time; therefore, it is recommended that your income exceeded the inflation rate.

Once you know where you want to go financially, the next step is to design an investment strategy to achieve your goals, it must be based on asset diversification to lessen the impact of market volatility and increase your probablilidades of success.

So, you have to determine what percentage of your portfolio will consist of stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, and cash.

You’ll invest in

• Stocks and ETFs if you want to increase your capital and beat inflation

• Bonds to generate income and minimize market risks

• Cash for your needs in the short term and provide stability to your portfolio

It is recommended that both stocks and exchange traded funds are distributed among various sectors in the financial sector, technology, real estate, consumption, etc., so that if a sector is affected, the negative impact on your portfolio will be less. Also, you can distribute between different sizes of companies, and various countries.

And speaking of losses, should also include a strategy to minimize such automatically sell the assets that lose more than 10% of its value, or apply the advantages of options.

Now that you know the strategy that you are as follow you should make an assessment of it. This step is important to take your time and proceed to make the necessary investigations to assess your strategy, verify the likelihood of success, identify problems, and make the necessary adjustments.

You can use various online tools as

Edgar: It is a platform provided by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that lets you access the latest financial statements of companies listed

Yahoo Finance: Provides financial data and news in real time, as well as having herramnientas that facilitate the selection of actions

Finviz: It has very easy to use tools to filter and financial data are descriptive (sector, capitalization), fundamental and technical (price / earnings, earnings per share), or

InvestorGuide: The interesting thing about this site is that it has tools to help you select actions according to your style or investment strategy

Once you’ve implemented your strategy and set your portfolio you should check or monitor their behavior regularly. This can be done by comparing the current position with the provisions of your plan, and make a rebalance if necessary.

The latter is to return to reallocate your assets according to your initial plan, because with the passage of time will revaluing some assets more than others and this automatically change the original asset allocation in your portfolio.