True or false? A hen need a rooster to lay eggs

A hen begins to lay eggs when it reaches maturity. As women produce an egg each month regardless of sexual activity, chickens produce an egg every day no matter if they have access to a rooster or not.

When it reaches maturity, the hen begins to lay eggs. Not all mature chickens at the same age; this varies by race and environmental factors. Usually hens begin laying eggs field five or six months old. The first few eggs laid can be very small, irregular or with a little blood on the surface; it may take several days to put another egg. All this is normal and is due to the natural process of growth and adjustment by passing the body in the “adolescence”.

Once this stage of physical maturation is regularized, the hen will lay one egg per day … if all conditions are pleasant.

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To lay an egg, the chicken first have to find or build a comfortable and safe nest. For hidden but with enough space to turn full circle and an escape in case of attack by a predator place. Once you find a suitable space, will use the same nest until the end of its cycle (unless something happens to disturb him, then look for another nest).

At the beginning of its cycle, the hen lays her egg in the very early morning. Every day gets a little later.

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In a natural situation, the eggs remain in the nest until the end of the cycle, so the first day in the nest would be empty when the hen is cast, the second day would have an egg, the third day two, etc. The last day of your cycle, the chicken becomes culeca. You may lay an egg that day or simply go to their nest and thrown to incubate the eggs that are already there, without putting other. Peasant and native hens have a cycle of 8-15 days while some commercial breeds never become culecas.

(Following the natural situation): From the last day of your cycle, the brooder seems to go into a trance. It will remain in this state 21 days until the chicks are born. During this time she turns her eggs periodically and regularly gets up to eat and drink. On a hot day, you may leave the nest a good time while looking for food and stretches, if the day is cold or rainy maybe he will not rise throughout the day. It is important that the hen culeca have access to food and water so as not to weaken while the eggs incubate. The birth of the chicks may take one or two days, she will be cast until all born (although some chickens get tired and get up when they have already been born two or three).

The hens follow this natural pattern of behavior (according to the characteristics of the breed) regardless of whether gallo or not. Obviously, without rooster fertilized eggs and chicks they can not be born, but the hen does not know if her eggs are fertilized or not. She follows her instinct to incubate. In fact, some hens will lie if their nest is empty, or be incubating eggs unfertilized much more than the 21 days it takes a chick to be born (although an unfertilized egg rots and breaks before the 21 days, leaving a horrible) odor. Farmers take advantage of this trend chickens hatching turkey eggs, which takes up to 28 days to hatch.

If there’s cock and / or eggs are collected every day, the hen laying eggs just follow according to their cycle. If a hen is hatching an empty nest the’ll have to raise. This task can be much more difficult than one would think.

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What is Collapse Disorder Beehive?

The bees are essential pollinators for ecology and agriculture. In recent years there has been a mysterious problem called Collapse Disorder Hive (CCD, for its acronym in English).

Colony collapse disorder, the colony collapse disorder, bees collapse syndrome, syndrome depopulation of beehives

The bees can die from many causes, but the collapse disorder Hive is distinguished by the following strange features

The sudden disappearance of the vast majority of worker bees.

The absence of bodies of dead bees around the hive (worker bees simply “disappear”).

The queen is alive and active within the hive, along with immature bees.

The hive has relatively abundant reserves of honey and pollen.

The lack of an obvious cause for the death or disappearance of bees.

Other causes of sudden death in hives include epidemics of diseases or parasites and contact with pesticides. Unlike Collapse Disorder Hive in cases of pesticide poisoning epidemics and bees die near the hive, resulting in piles of dead bees at the entrance or around the hive.

It is normal for hives population down somewhat during the winter. However, in recent decades beekeepers have been slightly exaggerated reduction of wintering populations of their hives. Finally, during the winter of 2006-2007, beekeepers began noticing a much higher than normal decline. Some beekeepers reported losses of between 30 and 90% of the hive, with up to half of them without any known cause. This mysterious problem lit a warning light for everyone and prompted a call to action to save bees. Since 2007 the situation has improved somewhat, but the collapse disorder Hive is still a big threat to bees and to date do not fully understand its causes.

Although it is not known exactly what Collapse Disorder Beehive is due, the general consensus is that it is a combination of the following factors

Exposure to toxic pesticides.

new diseases such as Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus.

Parasites such as the Varroa mite.

Loss of their natural habitat.

Lack of quantity and / or variety of foods.

Pollution of vital resources such as water.

stressful for bees to be the handling and transportation of the hive from field to field for fertilization of different crops, poor hive management resulting in congestion or overcrowding, and inadequate access to water factors.

When the hive is stressed, it becomes more susceptible to diseases and parasites. The most likely to cause colony collapse is a set of several adverse factors. To avoid it is necessary to remove chemical pollutants and improve management of hives.

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Tips to repair and improve your credit line

Many entrepreneurs start to get credit through personal loans. To access the best conditions you need to improve your credit score. The credit rating is like trust, takes time to build, but can easily be destroyed. Unless there are errors, you can not change the past actions that caused the low rating of your current credit. However, you can improve it.

There are many organizations in the community, honest, and non-profit organizations that can provide individual assistance to help you improve your credit. Beware of organizations that charge large upfront fees, which make unrealistic promises, and that lack accreditation credentials. To find a reputable credit counselor can consult The National Foundation for Consumer Credit.

Classification of stones and their use in the construction

The stones are classified according to their origin: this includes containing materials and the process by which they came to join. It is important to differentiate between a mineral and a rock, as in common parlance the two stones are called for geological purposes but are not equal.

A mineral is chemically homogenous substance, while a rock is a combination of several minerals. For example, quartz is a mineral while granite is a rock composed of three minerals: quartz, feldspar and mica.

Minerals may form crystals and thus have the form of a stone. In the construction it is more common to use minerals in powder form as additives and used for everything from rock foundation to facades.

Different types of rocks may contain the same minerals, but if you do not have the same training conditions resulting in rocks with very different characteristics and therefore different classifications.

The word Igneous comes from Latin and means fire. These stones are formed by the cooling of magma inside the Earth or when magma flows to the surface, also known as magmátitas or magmatic rocks. The most common minerals in igneous rocks are silicates, among the components are light colored quartz and feldspar, and dark include micas, pyroxenes, amphibole and olivine.

Examples of igneous rocks and construction applications

They are composed of other rocks: they are formed by the accumulation of sediments that were consolidated into hard rock through a process of erosion, transport and deposition of pre-existing rocks. Sedimentary rocks are usually found in layers or strata.

Examples of sedimentary rocks and construction applications

Its name comes from the Greek meaning “change of form.” When igneous or sedimentary rocks are subjected to high pressures and temperatures, changes in mineral and in the form and arrangement of the grains are generated, generating metamorphic rocks.

Examples of metamorphic rocks and construction applications

The credit union

When selecting a financial institution, many people overlook the credit union, best known in the US as credit unions, not to mention that these institutions may prove to be a more convenient alternative. However, due to increased costs of banking services, unions have gradually been gaining ground and popularity.

These institutions began to appear in Germany in the mid-nineteenth century and emerged as credit societies to provide loans to workers and small traders who before the restrictive conditions of banks, fell victim to usury. Thus, the model spread throughout Europe where they were known as the “people’s bank” in some parts, until the first cooperative established in the United States in 1909 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Cooperatives are non-profit institutions, unlike banks seeking to generate revenue.

In addition, by the fact that non-profit institutions obtain tax advantages, which in turn allows them to offer better rates to its member customers. Likewise, profits are distributed to its members through lower loan rates, higher dividends on savings, and lower costs of services.

All members have an equal share regardless of the amount of money they have in deposits, which means that each member has one vote. The institution is under the direction of a board of directors which is elected by the members.

If you are interested in being a member of a cooperative, you have to meet certain requirements, since members must share a common bond that can be workplace, geographical area in which people live, affiliation, or social grouping.

Cooperatives also require an initial deposit to buy a stake in the institution and open an account which on average is $ 20. But it is important to note that the requirements depend on each cooperative.

Something very important is that cooperatives are regulated by the National Administration of credit union (NCUA), and every account is insured up for $ 250,000.

• Aside from offering lower service costs and more attractive interest rates, the cooperatives to be smaller usually have a more personalized service.

• One of the factors that people take into consideration when opening a bank account is to have a wide network of agencies to make their transactions, and therefore prefers the big banks. But unions have a network of service centers you can make transactions like your own cooperative. There are more than 4,500 cooperatives in this network.

• In general, credit unions offer the same products and services as banks, but the range of products varies between institutions, as some do not can afford to offer all products to be smaller and have a turnover lower.

• Many unions offer financial education services to its members that allows them to put their finances in order and take advantage of a more effective maner products offered by the institution.

If you are interested seek a cooperative in your area you can make it through the NCUA locator.

The three domains of life

We’ve all heard of the five kingdoms of life, but a few decades ago a new type of bacteria that caused the reorganization of life into three domains was discovered. Supported by genetic analysis, domain classification system is replacing the five kingdoms of life.

Previously, the organization for five kingdoms coexisted with another classification of two general groups: prokaryote and eukaryote. But more recently, scientists realized that the system of the five kingdoms is no longer adequate.

Classification domains was proposed by Carl Woese because of two events. First, in the seventies several new species of organisms that live in extreme environments such as hot springs, acidic lakes, etc., where it was believed that there could not be any living organism were discovered. These bacteria and organisms seemed “archaea” is called, which means “ancient bacteria”.

It is controversial whether viruses should be included because viruses do not meet the seven characteristics of living things.

9 errors that you should avoid as an entrepreneur

If starting a business is difficult, keeping it may become a mission impossible for many new entrepreneurs. It should be made clear, however, that an error does not have to be synonymous with business failure. In fact, many of the entrepreneurs who made some of these mistakes were able to solve them without dying in the attempt.

There are many mistakes that can get to commit an entrepreneur when starting your business idea and obvious but you must avoid falling into them

Many of the entrepreneurs who create businesses in professional sectors know much about their own work, but do not know anything about running a company, which may lead to the closure in case of mismanagement by ignorance of what to do, good training business management can be the solution.

Many entrepreneurs assume they have the ideas in my head is enough, but then arises any problem not have foreseen how to fix it, and if for example the problem was financial, not a business plan a few entities may use;. More »

Generating business ideas is one of the main tasks of who creates a company. However, we must not confuse a good idea with an opportunity, another common mistake is to confuse an original idea with a business opportunity. They are very different things. First, because how you value what is a good idea? Do not be carried away by the euphoria.

Must find a middle ground between no delegation (must delegate to our employees those things that can better do under its qualities), without reaching the on delegation (not charging workers tasks in certain cases should the entrepreneur).

Small business owners often rely on their sense of smell or good judgment to decide who should occupy the key positions of the company. In many cases it right, but if not, the consequences can be more serious than a priori one would expect. The best way to avoid this is a good human resources plan, making a study of the company and professional profiles needed for each job.

It is often better to undertake accompanied only, but it also poses a danger if from the beginning of the relationship between the future partners can no longer provides an organizational chart within the company, establishing who will be the manager, functions of each partners etc. Thus we avoid future conflicts between partners, especially if family and friends, which is more likely to happen because of the trust relationship that existed between them.

The lack of a realistic initial budget of income and expenses of the company thinking that customers will respond immediately to us, we can take account spend more initially, thereby causing a serious strain on cash. It is therefore advisable to calculate the initial investment needed to “open doors” with the cost of the first 6 months. Without this financial cushion to support liquidity, failure skyrockets;. More »

This is not to sell products that the entrepreneur likes, but those products that demandan.También customers can cite other trading mistakes that should be avoided as believing that the product sells itself, sell at a wrong price, contact an public wrong, focus on a star client etc.

As the saying goes rectify it is wise, being able to observe only the entrepreneurs who have rectified in time have survived their mistakes.

ecological Halloween Costumes

Imagine the sadness that has to feel poor mermaid: your house is full of garbage because of us and getting hotter it is, because the sea temperature continues to rise due to global warming. This costume is original, attractive and also initiates the conversation on a wide range of issues, including climate change, recycling, consumerism, pollution and the waste hierarchy.

The monarch butterfly is the international symbol of the movement against genetically modified organisms, due to widespread mortality of monarchs in 1999 because of GM maize fields. One of the common changes in the genomes of certain vegetables because these plants produce the Bt toxin. The butterflies and moths are very sensitive to this toxin, so dress up butterfly with a sign “No GMO” is good way raise awareness about the dangers that GM foods cause, both for us and for butterflies.

This is an excellent disguise for young children. Babies really cute dresses animals are, and tenderness in these costumes teddy reminds us of the vulnerability of wild animals against human civilization. The fact that these species could disappear from the planet before children become adults adds a sense of urgency to their protection. You do not know what animals are endangered?

These scary costumes arise from energy disasters such as oil spills and radioactive waste from nuclear plants. It is relatively easy to make a homemade costume bird bañanda oil. Dress in black and just need a fake beak and many black feathers, and take a friend dress radioactive skeleton to promote renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear contamination.

The windmill is a simple costume that can be done at home: trousers or gray skirt, white or brown, accompanied with a sign that says “clean energy”, the windmill blades may be made of cardboard, supported by the head or shoulders. If you go with other friends, windmill makes an excellent combination with oil soaked bird and radioactive skeleton: this trio shows the damage we do, even having the solution at hand.

No more sinister than an indefinite mass of garbage monster, and most scary it is that the monster of our waste is very real. This costume is easy to make at home, because the trash is where is … not have to spend almost nothing and can be very creative in creating your costume. For example, dress blue skirt and become the scariest garbage you can find, and you are the Garbage Patch.

While others are dressing as imaginary superhero movies, which represents organic farmer view the real hero of the future. The natural food is the basis of our life and health, and the organic farmer is responsible for the essential task of providing healthy food without damaging the planet that sustains us. Currently organic farmers also are in the uncomfortable position of having to fight the mega agrochemical corporations that contaminate vegetables with transgenic DNA.

Resources for women entrepreneurs

The SBA and the Office of Women Entrepreneurs collaborate with many organizations to put the best sources of help and information available to women entrepreneurs. Whether you are a woman interested in starting a business, or you’re applying for a loan or seeking government contracting opportunities or want to improve your current company, this page will be a good benchmark.

main partners

The national council of women entrepreneurs.

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) is a federal council created to serve as an independent source of advice and suggestions to the President, the Federal Agency Congress for the Development of Small Enterprises in relevant economic issues for women business owners. The mission of this council is to promote bold initiatives, policies and programs designed to support women-owned businesses in all stages of development in the public and private sectors – from start to finish and success to significance.

Other useful resources

Brings together creative women with other women dedicated to succeed in their business.

It provides information on women impacting public policy, a national organization for public regulations without affiliation to political parties advocating and on behalf of women and minorities in business in the legislative process to help create economic opportunities and build partnerships with other organizations small business.

This association gives to women entrepreneurs own and a variety of services and support including help in securing venture capital rounds.

It provides information on a company committed to helping women entrepreneurs to become spheres of power economic, social and political association.

It provides information about an association committed to excellence of women in business with benefits that include success stories, newsletters, discounts on services and equipment and more.

It provides access to powerful sources of research on women entrepreneurship.

It allows you to get access to free confidential advice on business mentoring both in person and online.

When starting a business, advice from organizations associated with the SBA and SCORE mentors, Centers and Small Business Development Centers to Help Women-Owned Businesses can help you avoid common obstacles.

In the first months after opening your business, you need to decide on many important issues. But you do not have to make all those decisions for yourself. Finally, you are responsible for your business, but you can always consult and seek advice from a mentor.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who has traveled the path that now you embark. He or she has the experience and have been successful in their business and are willing to give you guidance and advice without any profit motive.

The government offers a wide range of resources and free services in person and online to support small business owners.

Caring for chickens: basic needs

Hens require relatively little maintenance, however they are very sensitive. If you want to have happy hens, try to fulfill their natural needs.

Hens have a gland that is sensitive to light and stimulates the production of eggs. Usually they need a minimum of 12 hours of light a day to lay an egg, when fewer daylight hours lay eggs less frequently.

The light is not the only factor affecting egg production. The nasty weather and insecurity also affect the behavior of laying hens and they are significant to the successful incubation of eggs obstacles. Try to build a chicken coop to give them shade and protection from the cold, rain and predators … because a cold, wet or frightened hen does not lay eggs.

A pleasant place is essential for your chickens lay eggs regularly.

Enclosing chickens in a limited space, their natural instincts become destructive. To avoid being eaten alive in their boredom, says they have enough space to scratch the earth, jump, stretch your wings and fly short distances. ample space outdoors and also reduce the scope of communicable diseases.

Farm birds drink a lot of water, especially in hot weather. Some people put one or several cloves of garlic in water with the intention of preventing diseases without resorting to antibiotics, others use herbal extracts. The important thing is that the water is fresh, clean and always available.

The ideal diet of a chicken is similar to ours. Although his favorite food is a dish of disgusting insects, she needs a balanced diet containing protein, vegetables and starches, as well as humans. It is not enough to give them corn. For the same reason that lay eggs almost every day, chickens require many vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. They need plenty of calcium in particular, as this is the main component of eggshells.

Unlike mammals, birds have a crop and gizzard where food digestion is performed. Ingested food is stored in the crop and then passed to the gizzard, where finely ground by stones. These stones wear out over time, and the birds replenished simply by eating small stones. If you do not have access to stones, after a while they can not digest their food. The hens eat only commercial food can live without stones because this food is dissolved with water and there is nothing to grind.

Although the chickens never seek wet, they bathe regularly. But their bathrooms are not of water but of dust. You’ve probably seen a little bird wallow in the land, that is the way they cleaned and kept free of parasites.

In nature, chickens sleep in the branches of trees. All chickens sleep in the same tree and return there every night. Include in your chicken coop a hanger where all your chickens can sleep at ease helps to keep them healthy. It uses a material that is not slippery.

Cacaracosas our friends are very sensitive to stress, any change may cause a break in their regular position. It is therefore advisable to be very consistent with them: feed them at the same time every day, collecting eggs at the same time, etc. The more regular routine, less stressed and more regular will your posture.

Chickens are very social birds. They are healthier and happier when they have friends. One hen will take you as his only and best friend.

Chickens really do not need a rooster, unless you want to have chicks. They can lay eggs happily without the participation of a rooster. Do you soprende? Learn more here.

Sometimes it is necessary to separate a hen from the others. It may be because it looks sick or sad and you want to have under observation, or it might have a broody hen will have chicks. Therefore it is desirable to have a separate place for when needed.