Removing a cockroach infestation

The cockroach is among the most hated insects in the world. Cockroaches hide in dirt, suddenly out of the darkest corners, jump flying in unexpected directions (eg in your face) and seem indestructible. In addition stink, they cause allergies and carry diseases. To top it off, the cockroach is one of the toughest living there. The rumors that could survive a nuclear explosion are true! Since this perspective, it seems a bit ridiculous to try to kill them with a pesticide spray? In fact, the pesticides are not very effective against cockroaches. If you want to get rid of cockroaches in your home, you need a serious strategy.

Cockroaches are nocturnal. During the day they hide in dark places, cracks and crevices just the thickness of a coin. In general, the way to eliminate them is to make your home a less pleasant place for them. An integrated to eliminate a pest cockroach strategy should include the following elements

Cockroaches can feed perfectly fine with a few crumbs or oil stain that stays in the kitchen bar. Do not leave food outside, keep them in the refrigerator or in sealed containers. The trash can is a law for cockroaches, so it is important to always use a trash can with a tight lid. Washes the dishes and clean the floor and kitchen surfaces each afternoon / evening before bedtime. So do not let any opportunity to night feast for cockroaches.

It is also very important to remove water sources. Cockroaches can survive a long time without eating, but their tolerance to live without water is much lower. Repairs leaks in the pipeline (also will save lots of water!) And closes plugs sinks and tubs before bedtime.

Cockroaches invading foreign (American and Eastern) are hidden outside the house through the tangle and any place that offers shelter. At night they get to the house in search of food. To remove places where they can hide cockroaches, fill the cracks to keep out cockroaches outside. Collect things infrequently used that have piled up like old newspapers, cardboard boxes, cans for recycling, etc. The German cockroaches and brown band live indoors in cracks and holes, and the tangle. Organize your home and cover the cracks in cupboards and other furniture with double bottom. Do not underestimate the flexibility of cockroaches! Young cockroaches can fit into a crack in the thickness of your fingernail, a pregnant female fit into a space of half a centimeter.