Resources for women entrepreneurs

The SBA and the Office of Women Entrepreneurs collaborate with many organizations to put the best sources of help and information available to women entrepreneurs. Whether you are a woman interested in starting a business, or you’re applying for a loan or seeking government contracting opportunities or want to improve your current company, this page will be a good benchmark.

main partners

The national council of women entrepreneurs.

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) is a federal council created to serve as an independent source of advice and suggestions to the President, the Federal Agency Congress for the Development of Small Enterprises in relevant economic issues for women business owners. The mission of this council is to promote bold initiatives, policies and programs designed to support women-owned businesses in all stages of development in the public and private sectors – from start to finish and success to significance.

Other useful resources

Brings together creative women with other women dedicated to succeed in their business.

It provides information on women impacting public policy, a national organization for public regulations without affiliation to political parties advocating and on behalf of women and minorities in business in the legislative process to help create economic opportunities and build partnerships with other organizations small business.

This association gives to women entrepreneurs own and a variety of services and support including help in securing venture capital rounds.

It provides information on a company committed to helping women entrepreneurs to become spheres of power economic, social and political association.

It provides information about an association committed to excellence of women in business with benefits that include success stories, newsletters, discounts on services and equipment and more.

It provides access to powerful sources of research on women entrepreneurship.

It allows you to get access to free confidential advice on business mentoring both in person and online.

When starting a business, advice from organizations associated with the SBA and SCORE mentors, Centers and Small Business Development Centers to Help Women-Owned Businesses can help you avoid common obstacles.

In the first months after opening your business, you need to decide on many important issues. But you do not have to make all those decisions for yourself. Finally, you are responsible for your business, but you can always consult and seek advice from a mentor.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who has traveled the path that now you embark. He or she has the experience and have been successful in their business and are willing to give you guidance and advice without any profit motive.

The government offers a wide range of resources and free services in person and online to support small business owners.