Soap nuts as an alternative to detergent

Advantages of using washing nuts

Leave your soft clothes: Compared to other detergents, soap nuts leave soft clothes without fabric softener, also keeps alive the colors and clothing textile structure for longer.

It is versatile: By using this natural cleanser, you eliminate the need to buy different soaps for each type of clothing, because they can be used with all tissues and at all temperatures. It can be used to wash delicate fabrics like wool and silk.

Disadvantages of using washing nuts

Another detail is that natural cleaning action (saponification) depends on a chemical reaction that is accelerated with heat and agitation. So if you want to wash with cold water and little turmoil, it may not work as well because natural composite containing nut shell do not have enough time in the water to produce the cleaning effect.

The solution to both problems is the same: just make a liquid solution and use it as a liquid laundry soap. Add hot to between 6 and 8 nuts water, let stand for a while, strain the liquid to be used instead of detergent. Dry nuts, the you can reuse several times.

It has no fragrance: For some people, the satisfaction of having clean clothes smell comes from “clean”, ie perfume. When wet, soap nuts bounce a scent described as a potting mix with vinegar – not exactly the most common idea of ​​a “clean” smell – but this smell disappears completely when the clothes are dry and clothing it is smelling … it does not smell like anything, because it is truly clean!

Solution: For those who do not give them the feeling of cleanliness without any perfume, there is the option of adding a few drops of essential oils to the load (the most convenient way to do this is to take the oil to a clean cloth – or bag cotton that comes with nuts – and wash it with your clothes).

Whites do not turn out as targets: Perfectionists can stay very disappointed with this product, especially if you are used to seeing white clothes after a good treatment with chlorine. With walnuts washing white clothes becomes more opaque.

Solution: A not so desirable option is to continue using chlorine along with nuts washing, either way you will be reducing the amount of chemicals you use. There are also some substitutes for chlorine, such as bleach active oxygen or liquid oxygen, some readers have suggested adding lemon juice or soda.