Ten questions to see how enterprising you

Self-knowledge is vital for you to be a successful entrepreneur. You must be aware of your capabilities and limitations. Reflect on your private to try to combine it with one of the most absorbing professional life projects they are: starting a business.

Use the following questions as a guide to how advanced you have your entrepreneurial side.

No business of any kind without a preview. Entrepreneurs are able to see more than the rest, always keep in mind the business model.

When you start your adventure you must be clear about your commitment to it to get it right. Perseverance and determination is one of the characteristics that mark if a project comes to fruition or not. Commitment is also valuable for you to be able to focus on the project without distractions.

As an entrepreneur you must have good ideas that allow you to create products or services with which to trade. Not only about inventing things, but it is also possible to give new or different uses for existing products seeking differentiation. It is therefore important to try to constantly innovate, looking for new products that allow you to survive or grow.

You depend on the development of your project, because now you’re the boss. Nobody will chase you into doing things. You yourself must spur you to get up every morning and meet your goals.

As an entrepreneur you have to interact with different people as customers, suppliers, banks, among others. Can you handle a demanding client, an unreliable vendor or a receptionist with a bad temper if this is necessary for your business?

Entrepreneurs are faced with many decisions daily and should be able to choose the right option in each of these situations. Do you consider yourself a thoughtful person to make decisions or are rather impulsive?

Your thought must always be focused on getting the achievement, but be aware that failure is very present in the life of the entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur can be exciting, but it requires hard work and perseverance in difficult times. What has been in the past your reaction to the experience of failure?

Research shows that poor planning is responsible for most business failures. The good both financial organization, scheduling, production, among others, can help you overcome these obstacles successfully. What do you think of part of their time to planning your business?

An own business means having the responsibility for the success or failure of the business and this can be emotionally exhausting for someone who is not motivated to be enterprising enough. The idea is that you enjoy creating and undertaking your business. You do something you really like. What do you like best about your business? What do you dislike the most? How both ends are balanced?

The first years of business may affect your family life and it is important that they are involved and know what to expect in the process, so that they maintain their confidence in you as long as necessary. This process can reduce the financial level as you begin your family and this is important to adjust your financial needs at a level compatible with the development of new business.