That is the juice therapy

The juice therapy or zumoterapia is the practice of taking juices and liquados regularly in order to maintain good health.

The juice therapy is compatible with the philosophy of Hippocrates “your medicine be your food and your medicine your food”. Before looking for a pharmaceutical remedy for any discomfort, juice therapy seeks to first improve health through food. If medical treatment is necessary, the juice therapy prepares the body to make this treatment more effective.

The juice therapy is not used to “cure” diseases, but to establish and maintain the body’s balance. Supports overall health and reduces the risk of certain diseases. Helps the body in its healing process, but does not constitute treatment for any particular disease, nor is it a magic pill to cure all ills. It has much in common with the herbalist.

Liquados juices and are prepared in a blender or extractor and may include fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, herbs, sprouts, edible flowers, grains and tubers. They never add sugar, although some juices can add honey.

The juice therapy uses specific combinations of fresh ingredients to strengthen various organs or physiological systems.

Currently one of the most popular applications of juice therapy is short-term diets to purify the body and lose weight. However, the addition of fresh juices to the daily diet can provide us many more benefits.

Usually sweet fruits do not mix with acidic fruits nor vegetables, herbs, etc. In some recipes combined with grains and / or seeds.

Liquados make it easy, convenient and tasty: Most people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. The inclusion of juices and liquados to the diet is a quick and convenient way to increase the proportion of fresh ingredients you consume. Perhaps you would not eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables such as beets, parsley, spinach and chard … but the’d miss in a blender with other fruits to prepare a glass of delicious juice. Take a juice or liquado every morning is a nice and easy to establish habit, so for many people is the best way to improve your diet. For people with little time is a practical solution to not skip breakfast because of time constraints.

Juices provide vitamins and minerals needed for human health: Fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are essential to our health. So take at least one glass of juice a day helps keep combined a strong healthy body to fight disease.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer: The World Health Organization warns that nearly a fifth of gastrointestinal cancers is linked to a diet low in fruits and vegetables. Several studies have shown the importance of eating less meat and more vegetables, especially those that reduce inflammation, prevent and even cure for certain types of cancer.