That is the Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is a result of indoor pollution. It covers all causes symptoms that air pollution from natural substances (such as mold) and artificial (such as asbestos dust) that accumulate in closed spaces and harm human health.

When a building, vehicle or other enclosed space does not have adequate ventilation, air pollutants can reach dangerous levels. Some contaminants commonly found in indoor include

If you experience any of the following symptoms and can not find another explanation could be that live or work in a toxic environment, especially if several people who spend time on site also suffer from any of these problems

Sick Building as a result of the accumulation of contaminants in a confined space, the solution is to reduce or eliminate these contaminants. There are different ways to accomplish this.

Ideally, you should remove anything that gives off harmful substances and improve air circulation. In some cases it may be quite easy to remove substances guilty, but depending on the situation, sometimes very complicated and expensive. For example, it is relatively easy to use non-toxic alternatives to clean and freshen the space. But remove other sources of contamination such as mold or asbestos can become a major research project and remodeling. Similarly, improved ventilation can be as simple as opening the windows. But in places where it is not possible to open the windows, you need to make a complete analysis and possibly the modification of the ventilation system.

Air purifiers and other filtration machines have limited effect: can help in some cases but should be used as a last resort or in combination with other more effective solutions. It is also important to install the product is appropriate for the type of contamination that exists in the place. For example, most air purifiers on the market do not filter out toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. An alternative to commercial cleaners is to place potted plants inside the building. Living (and the microorganisms in the soil as well) plants purify the air and embellezan place at a time.

Although new buildings the use of various toxic substances that were common in the past (such as asbestos and lead paint) is avoided, new construction materials that emit employ many other types of pollutants such as VOCs. So Sick Building Syndrome can occur in a new building and an old one. Green architecture gives priority to avoid the use of toxic materials precisely to reduce indoor pollution and reduce or eliminate the risk of Sick Building Syndrome.