The real Wolverine

At first glance, the wolverine seems something between a marten and a small bear.

Glutton name comes from the perception that consumes large amounts of meat, but does not consider that it can also go weeks without finding food. In fact hunger, food confrontations and actions of humans (hunting, loss of territory and global warming) are the leading causes of death for this species.

Some would say its adaptability is the only reason why these animals still exist. They can climb trees and mountains, running on snow, capture large prey and girls, digging deep holes, fishing and fighting large predators. But the species naturally has a density very low population, as the territory of a single male can cover hundreds of kilometers. The Wolverines seem to have an insatiable need to keep walking and are completely solitary except during mating, the females give birth between one and five pups once every two years, looking small caves or digging holes under the snow to make its burrow.

The Wolverines are perfectly adapted to the cold. Their claws allow them to climb icy surfaces and feet are perfectly shaped for running on snow. In fact, this gives them the necessary to hunt large animals in cold season advantage, but this advantage disappears along with the snow. Some experts have suggested that the wolverine depends on cold temperatures not only to hunt but also to preserve its prey when it manages to kill a large animal like an elk, it is not possible to finish it all at once (though told glutton!). He takes the case to its burrow, where stores up able to finish eating at another time. Experts reason that the extreme cold helps them preserve meat longer, allowing full use of the limited resources available to them.

Currently there are very few gluttons (about 500) throughout the interior of Europe (not counting the Scandinavia, Finland and Russia peninsula) and even less in the United States (not counting Alaska). In places where they still exist in greater numbers, they can hunt sheep and semi-domesticated reindeer, angering owners. Although its end remote habitat and minimizes contact with humanity, its population continues to decline due to its sensitivity to changes caused by humans, such as loss of territory and the consequences of climate change.

The character of “Wolverine” or Wolverine of the X-Men incorporates all the main features of the wolverine: his great courage to fight against anyone who threatens him, strong and sharp claws, their keen senses, her loneliness, her persistence and need to continue traveling. Hopefully the film will motivate more people to understand and defend this brave animal.