To accept checks in your business

While payments with credit and debit cards are rising, expenses and additional accounting required for card payments are not ideal for all businesses. If you want to expand your options for customer payment beyond cash, but you’re not ready to make the jump to card payments, check payments they are another option to consider.

To protect the financial health of your business, you know the laws governing policies payment by check.

Policies to accept checks

If your business accepts personal checks, provides a detailed policy for accepting checks to help identify and avoid bad checks. Do not work only a document and archives. Be sure to train your employees on new policies and reminders in visible places and highlights.

Common policies regarding the use of checks include variations of these guidelines

Checks should be a local bank or intrastate

Tell your employees to examine in detail the information for each personal check that is essential to monitor the same

Customization: the full name and address of the client must appear on the check.


Verify identification can help safeguard your business against fraud. However, some state laws regulate what are the forms of identification that the business may require for your inquiry. Depending on the location of your company, it may be illegal to require customers to show a credit card as a condition to accept your check. Commonly accepted forms of identification often include a driver’s license issued by the state, an identification card or military ID.

Follow these tips to verify customer identification

Make sure the firm customer identification matches the signature on the check