Utility and strengths of social networking for your business

Your business can not be left out of social networking. You have to be careful when choosing in which of them have a presence with your venture, because not all social networks are the same, or serve the same purpose. You have to use the right network for the right task.

It is a free web system that allows users to send text messages (also called tweets) of up to 140 characters that are updated in real time.

Utility: Companies can report on launches of new products or services. People can publicize current events, and in turn the recipients of news can make them also know (retweet), resulting in the spread of news sometimes faster and more effective than traditional media (newspapers, radio , TV, etc.).

Strengths: Communication with clients, since it is possible to monitor keywords to know what is said about you and your competition. Brand exposure, because it offers unique opportunities for integration into web sites to attract customers virally, helping your company to excel over others;. More »

It is a social network where users can add friends, send messages, play games, form groups and construer own profile.

Utility: Companies can create pages with the ability to have followers (fans). To be Follower of a page the user will simply put “like” and automatically start receiving updates in the News section / Home. Facebook also allows ads (Ads) and integrate the company site (Social Plugins).

Strengths: Communication with clients, and it is excellent to attract people who like your brand, who likes to share opinions and participate in promotions and surveys. Brand exposure, because Facebook provides many options to unveil a brand through free or paid advertising options;. More »

It is a social network aimed at professionals and businesses. The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact information for people they know and trust for business.

Usefulness: Can be used to find jobs, people and business opportunities. Also, through connections called second and third grade, you may contact someone through a mutual contact and trust.

Strengths: Exhibition brand, because it is effective for personal brand exposure and to expose your professional experience and profile. Here’s good reputation is very important. More »

It is a video sharing website where users can share and upload new videos.

Utility: Accommodates a variety of clips from movies, TV shows, music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogs. Links to YouTube videos can also be placed on blogs and personal websites.

Strengths: Communication with clients, because the video is a tool that quickly captures the interest of users seeking entertainment, information, or both. The exhibition marks one of the most powerful tools on the web to build a secure communication channel for your brand. Search engine optimization, very effective way to build links to our site for the videos have high ratings on search engines;. More »