What if you lose your card stolen or credit or debit card?

Who has not happened. Surely you know innumerable cases of lost or worse stolen credit card or debit card. If this is your case, remember not to lose your cool but you must act quickly from the moment anoticies you that you could happen one of two things, either that or you’ve lost stolen credit cards.

All cards carry on its face the emergency phone companies you have issued them. He called immediately and realize the fact. They serve 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s the first thing you should do to protect their misuse and not have to take charge of unauthorized expenses.

Remember that there is a federal law that protects you if you look affected by this unpleasant circumstance. If lost or stolen your credit card, ATM card or debit card Act Fair Credit Billing (FCBA) and the Law on Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTA) offer protection.

As established by law, your liability for unauthorized use of your credit card use is limited to $ 50. However, if you report the loss before someone use it, the FCBA says you’re not responsible for covering any charges you did not authorize. If you steal the number of your credit card, but not the card itself that, you are not in any way responsible for unauthorized use of the card.

The important thing in these cases is an actor quickly because it will depend largely smooth to sleep by these problems.