What is the business plan?

Once you have chosen the business idea and you have analyzed, the next action will be to design the business strategy. This is to define the business and business strategy to follow, doing all this in a document called the business plan.

The Business Plan is an instrument that develop each of the areas that determine business. This document requires a process of planning and analysis to detect the viability of the business idea.

It should be noted that the Business Plan is a dynamic document is modifiable in time, as the company is immersed in a changing environment and affected by outside variables, or even unknown in a given time. This makes the forecasts are limited in scope, which means that the Business Plan is a document that the entrepreneur must be updated whenever significant deviations occur.

The overall assessment of the project is the SWOT analysis, which helps us to assess the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities that we have or potentially can present itself.

If we know our potential and exploit opportunities know better, similarly, if we detect problems and act preventively, we will be in a position to prevent undesirable situations occur for our business. In the end, you should be clear about the following questions: what, who, why, how, when, how and where? At this point it would be advisable for the entrepreneur to make any specific course on business creation, or the use of guidelines detailing further each of the steps.

What information is sought with a business plan?

As a summary of the usefulness of a business plan, we can say that for a business plan is complete has to answer the following questions

For a startup get first survive and then to grow sustainably, it is essential that rests on a solid business model. There are many more important elements for the success of a company, but the foundation on which it will build the project are in the business model.