You will not believe that these animals actually exist

This beautiful sea slug head is floating just below the surface of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It is less than 4 centimeters long, but his favorite food is a highly toxic jellyfish called the Portuguese caravel (Physalia physalis).

The Japanese giant crab legs has a range of 4 meters and on average, weighs about 18 kilos. Live to 100 years, though his weak legs easily broken and most of these crabs will come missing limb. Despite its dark appearance, the giant crab is considered a delicacy in Japanese cuisine.

Sphinx Hummingbird is a beautiful insect with an identity crisis. The shape of your body and its movement in the air and even imitate the hummingbird has a flat tail like a bird. They are important pollinators in their natural habitat that spans almost the entire Old World.

The lobster has eyes mantis more complex throughout the animal kingdom. Receives at least ten times more color than us as receivers has 16 color cones (we have three). Perhaps that is why the mantis lobster is so beautifully colored. You can move each eye independently, it is aggressive and territorial, and kills its prey with a force equivalent to a calibre.22 gun.

According to its name, the snake neck turtle has such a long neck that can not even put his head into his shell. Instead, he places his neck beside his body, just below the edge of the carapace. To compensate for the vulnerability that this causes, snake-necked turtle expels a stinky fluid from his musk glands when it feels threatened.

Is a photo of a catfish edited with Photoshop, or perhaps a very loving fish? There is nothing of that, but the reality is even odder. The red-lipped batfish inhabits the ocean floor of the Galapagos Islands and is one of the species that drew attention to Darwin. The shape of your body makes it difficult to swim, so we prefer to “walk” using their fins to crawl on the sand. Attracts its prey with an attractive hook protruding from his forehead, but do not know why you have red lips.

There are 17 known species of octopus Dumbo found in extreme ocean depths around the world. Their name comes from their fins seem allegedly flying elephant ears created by Walt Disney. Their small bodies are highly specialized to tolerate the cold and extreme pressure from their habitat between 3000 and 7000 meters deep. They are the only octopus that consume their prey whole, without dismember.

There are many species of giant tortoise softshell, including some that are about to disappear. The Yangtze (Yangtze giant softshell turtle), for example, species has a single female and three male survivors. So far it has not achieved any viable offspring, although the female has several batches of eggs embryones. The female has more than 80 years and your partner has about 100.